Beautiful Endings Part 9

Announcements: Sorry it's been a few days! Happy late Easter c: So I'm almost done with pre-writing the whole story! I have a lot of surprises waiting for you guys...

...and it's going to be a wild ride after this part. I hope you guys like the series so far, and I hope your choice of who you like is clear. Oh, and after the series, I'm making an acknowledgement quiz :')

Created by: Dannica

  1. "Hey, Paul!" A man who was mending an arrow tip looked up and smiled when he saw Bella. "Bellissima! How are you today?" Izzy smiled. "I'm doing good, but my friend here is looking for a good bow." Paul looked me over and shook his head. "Hold out your hands, please." Um, okay. I held out my hands and then Paul took hold of them and inspected every crack, touched every nail, and measured every finger, which was normal for him, I guess. He let go and said, "I know exactly what you need. I'll be back." Paul made his way behind the counter and went through a curtain of multi-colored beads. I put on a weird expression on my face. "He can tell just by that?" Bella laughed. "Paul's the best. He's been running this shop even before my mother was conceived."
  2. After about three minutes, Paul came back carrying a nice looking bow and a sheath full of arrows. Embroidered on the quiver front was a silver griffin. "This bow right here is not on sale yet, but since Bella is such a great customer, I'll make an exception. This bow is made up of mahogany with a basilisk skin draw-back string. The arrows are carefully made with celestial bronze, deadly to half-bloods and nephilims. The magic to this pair is that you can never run out of arrows. Once you shoot all of them, the quiver refills automatically. The only catch is that it only refills when you're in a deadly situation, so I advise you not to pick a gamble with these."
  3. Paul handed me the bow with a loaded arrow in it already. Once it hit my fingertips, I knew that this was the right choice. But can I shoot it? I looked around the store and saw a lone box on top of a shelf. I got into the stance my P.E teacher back in Arizona taught me when we were doing the archery unit. I drew my arm back and watched as the arrow zoomed through the air, missing the box by centimeters. "You need a little work, but it will do. We'll take it," Isabella announced. ~ After wrapping the pair into a peach colored box and handing it to me, Paul asked, "So how about that payment?" Bella pursed her lips. "Of course." She backed away a little bit, closed her eyes, and whispered something under her breath that I couldn't quite catch. She opened her eyes with a half smile and said, "There will be two cows waiting for you at your home." Paul grinned. "This is why you're my favorite customer."
  4. We thanked Paul one more time and then exited his shop. "Why cows?" I asked Bella as we were walking down the strip. She whistled and then an owl landed on her shoulder. "Vampire." Oh, that made sense. "So are we meeting up with the boys now, or?" Bella turned sideways to look at me and laughed. "Already? You're going to need way more than just a weapon. Here, follow me." ~ Bella led me to many stores and bought tons of things for me such as potions, faerie leaves, medical stuff, and even a bracelet from the souvenir shop that said "GO HARD-CORE". Yeah, I just wanted to make her happy so I decided to get it. But of all the things in the boxes and bags that my hands were carrying, I was most anticipated by the bow and arrows for just one particular reason: it's deadly to nephilims. And if this little weapon can be considered as a kryptonite to a man who can set you on fire and electrocute you through a mirror, then let his body and soul hang limply, and die in my hands.
  5. Alex, Christofer, and Ash were waiting on Gumbo in the armory store, sitting down on a metal bench. "Hurry up, Gumbo!" Ash yelled. Gumbo snarled. "Shut up, you miserable boy." Ash scoffed melodramatically. "Well then. I'm going to check out the mermaids down by the lake and I'm going to take my miserable, pitiful time to getting there because Gumbo is a life vacuuming succubus." Alex and Christofer laughed while Ash exited the store. A strong wind entered the shop while the door was opened and sent a gush of air throughout the store, messing up Alex's hair. Christofer noticed a deep purple bruise right above his eyebrow. "You still have that?" He asked while Alex fixed his hair to cover up the bruise. "Have what?" He asked. Christofer chuckled. "That bruise that Michael gave you. I saw you back at the park. You tried telling him to leave _____ alone and he got pissed and tried beating you up." Alex raised his eyebrows. "I didn't know you saw." Christofer shrugged. "I was leaving and I heard something and I looked back and saw you. I would have helped, but then Michael and James left and you started running to the ice cream truck." Alex's lip twitched. "Don't tell her."
  6. Christofer smirked. "Afraid she's going to think you're weak? Not a lot of people can beat Michael one on one. Believe me, he pretty much broke into my apartment and Gumbo had to bit his ass before I could knock him out." Alex bit his lip. "It's sort of like that. I know I'm not weak, I just don't want her to think that I won't be able to protect her." Christofer's expression softened. "You should know that you're not always going to be there to protect her. You, and me, for that matter. She's strong; she just doesn't realize it yet. And she's not going anywhere. She likes you a lot." Alex glanced sideways at Christofer. "I would say the same to you, but you guys aren't really talking anymore like you used to. Look, she misses you a lot, and I don't know what's up with you, but she's crumbling inside every day that passes without you in it. So here's some advise: do something about it." The boys looked up simultaneously as Gumbo told them that it was time to go. "Let's go find Ash and then meet up with the girls, shall we?"
  7. "Making yourself comfortable?" Chant asked, making Sadie jump. She was upstairs making her way to the bathroom when she surpassed Chant's room. She was leaning against the door frame overlooking the room that she was so familiar with, the bed that they shared so many nights in. It made her feel lonely. That's why when Chant snuck up behind her she almost started tearing up. "I was just, you know, remembering some memories." Chant leaned on the opposite frame, his arms crossed. "Oh, back in the good old days, you mean?" Sadie nodded. "Well, I miss it too, if that makes you feel any better." Sade's expression hardened. "I never said I missed it." Chant smirked. "I never said you did either." He stretched his arms, flexing his biceps while he heard the front door being unlocked. "That's my mom. Try not to get in a cat fight, alright? We wouldn't want to ruin that pretty face of yours."
  8. We met the boys back in the Square foyer, where Bella was making cats dance. "You find something?" Alex asked. "Yeah, bows and arrows." "Nice," Christofer input. He was wearing an awkward smile. "Thanks,: I replied. Hey, at least he was trying. "So where are you guys heading now?" Izzy asked. Ash and Gumbo glanced at each other. "We need to go find a wizard to portal us back to the Banished Provinces." Bella made the cats stop dancing. "I can help you guys with that. I'm helping the Faerie District set up for their annual Spring Ball, and there happens to be a wizard on the same decorating team as I am." I perked my ears up. "You guys are having a ball?" Isabella grinned excitedly. "Yeah, it's in a few days. We're having it in the Faerie District in honor of Spring and the Fallen Faeries. Everybody's invited, so you guys should come! You know, if you're done with the whole Oath thing." I looked at everybody in the group, and they seemed to get it. "For Sam," I murmured under my breath. "I'll take that as a yes," Bella exclaimed. "We should go then. There's a meeting in about 5 minutes."
  9. Bella led us to a happy looking store that seemed to match her personality. In the inside we were greeted by a group of people who looked as if they were paid to act happy. I saw tons of faeries, elves, and nymphs everywhere, laughing and smiling like it was an abnormality. "Guy," Bella announced, "meet my new friends: ______, Alex, Christofer, Gumbo, and Ash." A chorus of "hi's" greeted us back while we all waved. "Where's Aliana?" An elf pointed to the back of the store. Bella turned to face all of us and said, "I'll go get her. She's a witch, not a wizard, but I guess it's the same thing." She scurried through the door, leaving the group of us alone with these bubbly fanatics. A faerie stood up and shushed everybody to be quiet. "The Spring Ball is coming in, people, and we need to start working on the decor. This year is going to be extravagant, with wonderful Spring colors, got it? And we need a caterer still, so somebody needs to be in charge of that. Ladies are to wear gowns, while gentlemen are going to wear tuxedos, do you understand me?" The crows nodded, scribbling down words in notebooks. "I need a dress then," I thought aloud.
  10. "We don't even know if we'll be able to make it," Ash reminded me. "Yeah, but just in case. I mean, you don't want to show up at a formal dance with ratty jeans and a t-shirt, right?" "It's like Spring Fling all over again," Ash muttered with a sigh. As the faerie kept on talking, Bella came back linking arms with a beautiful girl with snowy hair and blue eyes with specks of gold in them. "I'm Aliana," she introduced. "You need a portal?" We nodded. "We'll make one in the storage room. Follow me." As we were walking back, I pulled Bella aside and told he about the dress situation. She shook her head. "Don't worry, I have your back. I'm going to get you a really stunning dress, and a few tuxes for the guys. All you have to do is show up on time." I hugged her. "Thank you." Bella smiled and then gestured me to go or else I might miss the ritual. ~ Aliana made us do the same thing that Phosphorite did, although we did have a hard time holding hands because of all the stuff we were carrying. We said the spell, and then Aliana did that weird thing with her hand until a portal opened, this time blue. "Just wish to go where you need to go and it will take you there."
  11. As I was falling through the portal—holding on very carefully to my stuff—I started getting more and more anxious. After we land, we're going to have to take things more seriously. The moment we've all been waiting for is finally coming, and I'm pretty damn sure Oath knows as well. We're going to reach the climax of this adventure, and I can guarantee it's going to be a great show. Just wait a little longer, Oath. We're coming. I'm coming. And I'm out to get you.

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