An Odd Love Story Fanale! (part ten)

This is a "fan"ale haha! I'm sooo sorry it took so long! I had my ds taken away so I couldn't work on it. *sobs* Oh, wellI hope you love it! its pretty long, so it took me a long time. Thanks for all the totally awesome commets! *sobs happily*

Take beautiful secrets! Part 29 just came out, and trust me its AWESOME! Please comment telling me who you like! Thanks!

Created by: icinoddness
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  1. You think that Daniel will help you decide who to choose, so you decide to ask all the boys to come over. When you get to school, you sit through biology, then go to chemistry. Hey Joshua, what are you doing later today? " Nothing, just going to be sitting around the house." Well, I'd like for you to come to my house today to meet somebody. "Ok, he says." After class, you fing Dakota at lunch and ask him to come over to meet Daniel. At math, you ask Hideaka the same. They all say yes. After school, you find that your cousin and aunt are already there. Daniel, can you help me with something? "Sure he says, what is it?" I need you to help me choose which guy I like. "What, you want ME to help you choose which guy YOU like? That doesn't make sense." Ya, you know me so well, you say.
  2. (This is Daniel's point of veiw, I hope this doesn't confuse anybody.) When the guys arrive, Carrie leaves! She pushed this crap all on me! Great! Whoah, there are three, I thought there would be like two. They all come in and sit down. I don't want to give anything away, so I act like I'm just talking to them. So, do any of you like to read? I ask. This Japanese-looking guy says "I do". This is important, Carrie loves to read. Do any of you love animals? I ask. The guy with tons of freckles says "I do." This is equally important, Carrie loves animals. Why did I agree to this? I'm gonna give Carrie a kick in the back end. Ok, is anybody really in to rock? This red haired dude nods his head. Carrie loves rock. I'm tired of this. I go bring Carrie back in here. ( Dakota's point of veiw) This Daniel guy seems to be Carrie's boyfriend. No wonder she hasn't asked me to the prom. Great! Now what, I can't tell Carrie I like her now!
  3. (Hideaka's point if veiw) I can't believe I was to stupid to see that Carrie has a boyfriend! I've even been kissing her! I think I even love her. But she has a boyfriend. Now what? I thought she liked me too, but I guess I was wrong! This stinks. (Joshua's point of veiw) Who is this guy, is he Carrie's boyfriend? Well, I guess I'd better just die now. I can't believe that I was kissing another guy's girlfriend. I think I won't talk to her for awhile, I need to get used to Carrie having a boyfriend that isn't me....I wish it was me!
  4. (Back to Carrie!) So, Daniel, brings me back in there. The boys all have a weird look on there faces. Joshua says "Hey, I think I'll go." He leaves and so do Hideaka and Dakota leave as well. You look at Daniel. What did you do to them? "I didn't do anything! I just asked them some questions." You decide to go to sleep and ask them tommorrow at school.
  5. You wake up in the morning and get dressed in jeans with a black skirt witha blue shirt. Dakota is already on his way, you catch up. Hey Dakota, what's up? "Nothing." ,he says in an indifferent voice. This is the first timehe hassn't been totally excited to see you. You can tell something's up. Is something wrong? you ask. "No..." Man, what did Daniel do? You can't ask him what happened because he has to go to a pre-class thing. You decide to head to the library.
  6. You see Hideaka. Hi, whats's going on? "I'm just reading a book." He doesn't smile at you, he doesn't try to make you laugh. He doesn't do anything. Either he is reading an extremey interesting book, or Daniel did something to them. I'm going to kill him, you think.
  7. The bell rings and you'reforced to go to class. After biology, you are deterimined to find out what's up in chemistry. Joshua! What is going on? He doesn't say anything. Joshua! Come on! "Why did you let me kiss you?" What? "Why didn't you tell me that you already had a boyfriend?" I don't have a boyfriend!
  8. "What about Daniel?" Daniel is my cousin! "Daniel is your cousin! But I thought he was your boyfriend, you said you wanted me to meet someone special....I guess I was just jealous and I didn't want you to like anyone excpept me." I like him! But he's my family, plus he's 19! Come on, he is the boy version of myself!How could you think he's my boyfriend? "I guess I wasn't thinking properly."
  9. You go to lunch and explain it to Dakota, ten go to math class to explain it to Hideaka. They all look extremely relieved. After math, you look at the prom posters. You do you ask to go to the prom with you?
  10. Thank for taking my quizzes! This is the last one and i joope you liked them. Thanks!

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