Fly Free Part 2: Posy

So this is Part Two of Fly Free. You can find part one under the title Fly Free Chapter 1 This is a story, a thriller. So yeah... Hope you enjoy......

At the ending of this one you will see how I am going to do things a little differently. You get one of two results: Friend or Loner. This will affect your story greatly because each result will have a different part 3. I hope you like it...

Created by: Beth_la
  1. Once out of the window you are faced with a scrawny little girl who looks to be about six. She has golden blond hair and bright blue eyes. She sits on the grass just outside the window.
  2. (if you walk past her, she follows you) "My name is Posy. I lost my mommy and Daddy when they brought me here..."
  3. The little girl smiles up at you. "Oh, can't I please stay with you?!" she begged, her bright eyes shining.
  4. Posy smiles, then looked back at the big white building and shuddered. "Can we get out of here?"
  5. The two of you walk off into the surrounding forest. Posy skipping happily along beside you. Suddenly you fall to your knees and hear yourself scream. It feels as if your back is ripping open. And it is. Two wings push out of your flesh and around them heals. posy looks at you, just a little surprised. "You got wings now too?"
  6. She smiled up at you and spread out two perfectly white wings. "Want me to teach you how to fly?"
  7. Posy sprang into the air, spreading her wings to there full length. She soared upwards.
  8. She dives down, landing beside you. "So we both got wings! Lets stick together!
  9. So how did you like part two?
  10. It's over, you know that right?

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