The BabySitter (Part 1)

Hello! This is The BabySitter (Part 1). Or chapter 1. I hope you enjoy it. It is a a real book. I made some changes to it to make it where I would have sent the story.

I also made it up-to-date. It was written in 1989. So I made it better. (At least in my opinion) It is a thriller/horror book. It is 20 parts or chapters long. I know long. So I will shorten some bye!

Created by: Say wha

  1. Jenny stared at her reflection in the dark window glass as the bus squealed around the corner and headed up North Road. Dark houses and trees rushed past in the night. She examined her face in the window, her round black eyes catching a sparkle fro a streetlight and reflecting back. She liked the way she looked in the glass, so smooth, so cool, so calm.
  2. The bus slowed for a stop sign. What was that animal darting through the hedges? Was it a deer? No. Just a rock. Don't start seeing things, Jenny, she told herself, laughing at her vivid imagination. She was always trying to make the world more interesting then it was. "Hey- I don't think you've heard a word I'm saying!" Laura's voice broke into her thoughts. Jenny turned quickly from the window and smiled guilty at her friend beside her on the bus seat. Laura had been talking nonstop, mostly about boys, as usual, Jenny lost her own thoughts, had practically forgotten she was there."Sorry. Guess I'm just nervous. It was nice of you to ride partway with me." "I know," Laura said "So what are you nervous about? It isn't like you have haven't baby-sat before."
  3. "I don't know. I guess it's just new people, a strange house, a strange neighborhood. There's a lot I could worry about if I really put my mind to it," That was supposed to be a joke, but Laura didn't laugh.They'd been friends so long, they didn't have to laugh at each other's jokes.
  4. Jenny glanced at her phone. It was already seven-ten. She didn't want to be late on her first night. The bus hit a deep pothole, both girls nearly bounced off the plastic bus seat. Jenny leaned forward to retrieve her book bag, which had tumbled onto the floor. "Maybe the kid's a monster," Jenny said, somehow feeling that she had to justify her nervousness. "Maybe he parents are weird. Maybe they belong to some sort of secret cult and when I find out about it, they keep me locked up in the basement for the rest of my life so I can' tell anyone. Maybe the house is haunted. There's the ghost of a young girl trapped in the attic, and I accidentally let her out, and she inhabits my body and I'm not the same person anymore."
  5. "Possible. Very possible," Laura said thoughtfully. She was used to Jenny's wild imagination. She didn't even bother being sarcastic about it anymore. What was the point? There was no way to stop Jenny from dreaming up the crazy things she did.
  6. "Hey-isn't that Bob Tanner?" Laura cried pointing out the bus window. "Where?" "That guy raking leaves in the dark!" Laura reached across Jenny and struggled to open the bus window.It was stuck, and she only managed to raise it an inch. "Hey, Bob! Bob! Hi!" Jenny looked to the front of the bus to see if the other passengers were looking at them. They were.
  7. "Hey, Bob! Look up! Hi Bob!" Why did Laura always have to embarrass her? Because she was Laura. She didn't care about what other people thought.She always did what she felt like. Jenny wished she could be more like that, less thoughtful, less timid, more impulsive. She thought that since they spent so much time together, maybe some of Laura's boldness would rub off on her. But it didn't seem to.
  8. Sometimes Jenny wished she could look like Laura, too. Laura was a tiny, so light, so perfect. She was the shortest girl in the sophomore class, but that was certainly no handicap because she was also the most beautiful. She had cheekbones like a model and curly, straw colored hair that fell down her shoulders like a waterfall She had sky-blue eyes and creamy white skin, and a tiny heart-shaped mouth.
  9. Needless to say, Laura was very popular. She could go out with a different guy every night of the week if she wanted-and she usually wanted!
  10. Jenny felt terribly plain next to Laura. She was of average height, which made her nearly a foot taller then Laura, but her figure was still extremely boyish. She had dark brown hair which she wore stylish, long bangs hat fell over her left eye, the hairstyle copied from a picture she found on instagram, large serious eyes, a long straight nose (Her mother said that was her best feature.), and lips that always seemed to be pouting.
  11. "Well this is my stop- see ya at school, Jenny!" Laura said while getting off the bus. Then the bus began to go again. Jenny was still a few blocks away from the Hagen's house. She looked down at her phone it was seven-twenty. She was supposed to get there at seven.
  12. She got off at her stop and had to run to their house. She got up to the door and glanced at her phone. It was 7:45. Great, she told herself. "Break a leg kiddo" she told herself quietly. She gave 3 knocks on the huge door. Then she heard footsteps coming to the door.
  13. She got off at her stop and had to run to their house. She got up to the door and glanced at her phone. It was 7:45. Great, she told herself. "Break a leg kiddo" she told herself quietly. She gave 3 knocks on the huge door. Then she heard footsteps coming to the door.
  14. CLIFF HANGER! Ok I have no idea honestly when I'll get part 2 up. Please comment and rate.

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