I Know Your Secret pt.2

Welcome to part 2 of my second story quiz,'I KNOW YOUR SECRETS'.I you haven't read part one,you might want to so you'll get the story soon.I hope you enjoy

In part one,it was another girl's pov(point of view).In this part it's all you.So basically I'll be switching pov's to make it more interesting but that'll happen soon in the story._____ is where you put your name or nickname,of course.ENJOY!!!!

Created by: rvelez
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  1. Cole took a straw and ripped a piece of his napkin."Get ready______."He chewed the piece for five seconds and finally placed the straw between his lips.I giggled along with Lillian."Go."she laughed.Cole blew into the straw,senting the spit ball flying to its victum.
  2. The ball hit Kristy Robins on the forehead.All of us laughed at the head cheerleader screaming in discust.Cole gave us a high-five and went back to eating his lunch.Lillian was still laughing,her brown hair falling over her face."Ok Lillian.You gonna get us caught-"I stopped mid sentence as Kristy got up angrilly walking over to us with her group.
  3. "Yall must think this is funny!"she yelled.Half of the caferteria got quiet and I thanked the other half that contined to talk and go with their own conforsations."I watching you,bums"she flipped her blonde short hair and walked off with her stupid followers.
  4. The bell rang so we dump our trays away."I'll see ya'll later."Cole chuckled.He glanced at Lillian with his green eyes.They just stare back at each other for five second then he finally left.Lillian looked down at the ground then sighed."Everything ok with you two?"I asked and I regreted it.Lillian shook her head quickly and headed to class.
  5. I grabbed my things and headed to my writing class.It's a small class but its like an election.I picked that class cause I want to be an author.I went in and sat at my usual seat there was a new guy at the back.He had jet black hair and grey eyes.His lips were an alsome shade of pink and he wore a chain necklace to go with his black v-neck shict,converse and jeans
  6. His eyes met mine and all of a sudden I felt...this weird feeling.It wasn't just a feeling.He glazed his eyes up and down at me then glanced away.His necklace gave off a glow.It was this pale blue with a hint of another color but I couldn't see it that clearly.
  7. The rest of the class came in which was like 5 more people.I tured my head away from the guy and stared at the warm-up.'If you published a book in this class,what will it be about and why?'I said in red expo marker.I took out my writing notebook and anwsered the question quickly.
  8. Mr.Dane came in ploping a sack of books."Hello,class.I see we have a new student.Would you love to tell us your name and something about you?"The class looked at the guy who sat there slouching in his seat with one earbud on."No."
  9. Mr.Dane's smile drop into a frown."Very well then."He went up to the board and cleared his throat.His brown hair is always wavy reminding me that he's twenty two and his blue eyes sneak behind his glasses.
  10. "ok,class.Would someone like to share what they wrote down for the warm-up?"Everybody looked at each other waiting for someone to go.I raised my hand just because I love this class and I'll love to share my ideas.
  11. "If I publish a book in this class,I will write a romantic but mysterious book about a girl.I love romantic and mysterious stories. "Mr.Dane nodded."Thank you,____ cause we ARE going to be publishing a book in here."Some people groaned while some,like me,smiled.I glanced at the guy and found him staring at me.I turned back toward the board and sighed.
  12. The rest of the period I brainstormed and finshed my rough draft.Just then the bell rang.Finally one more class then I'm out of here.The first thing I'm going to do is sleep. I packed up then glanced at where the guy was sitting.He wasnt there.I pushed away my confused face and headed to math.
  13. I got to math and sat at the back.Kristy was seats away one reason why I hate this class.She turned around and gave me the finger along with her friends.
  14. I ignored them and did the problems on the board.Nothing like two step equations.I finally finished and put my head down but not for long cause Kristy threw paper balls at me.
  15. Kristy laughed and whispered snide remarks.Her friends laughed louder.I looked out the window.It was a great day to go to the park.I texted Cole and Lillian:'Park after school'.
  16. The period went by fast since all we did is do the problems on the board and a pop quiz that was like ten questions long.I packed up and jump up as soon as the last bell rang.
  17. I ran to the park and dropped my stuff on the grass."Aw man._____ beat us here."Cole chuckled.Lillian smiled and sat on the grass."It feels good out here."she said leaning back on her hands.Cole nodded."but I can't stay long."
  18. "Why?"I asked.He sat down."cause I'M going to this party and YOU TWO are coming with me."My mouth dropped."OK!WHEN?!" Lillian and I asked,excited.Cole chuckled."Tonight at 8.They said it's gonna be SICK."
  19. Lillian jump up and we did the happy dance.Cole looked at us,amused.I twirl around but stopped as my eyes laid on the guy that was at my writing class.He was sitting at a bench reading a book.He looked up and noticed me staring."_____?Everything okay?"Lillian asked waving in my face.I stopped looking at the guy and stared at her."yeah,I'm fine."She nodded."lets go shopping.I really need a outfit.""ok."I said.We all grab our stuff and headed toward my place.I glanced back where the but was...but he was gone.
  20. ****CLIFFHANGER!!Yes indeed its the end of this part.Comment and or rate please:)
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