Hogwarts love story part 2

So, this is second part of my Hogwarts love story series and all of you who are reading it thanks for reading my quiz and if you like it then rate it and comment on the quiz.

Will you get the Hogwarts guy of your dreams.Starting from year 2 to 7 you will get chances from being friends to lovers.It is a adventurous love story and you will come to know about some secrets about yourself by time.enjoy!

Created by: Riya008
  1. The cool breeze was hitting your face.You were wearing a white T-shirt,black coloured denim jacket, black jeans and black coloured Snickers but one thing was strange-your hairs were different.You were having shoulder length blonde hairs. You looked around.No one was there except darkness.You were only able to see darkness everywhere.You thought that you were alone here.Suddenly, you heard a roar behind you,"GRRRRRRRR."Your thoughts:
  2. You turned and saw that a beast was standing in front of you.It was 10 ft longer than you.It was having brown hairs all over the body and two big teeth.It's eyes were bloodshot red.It was staring at you.Your thoughts:
  3. It roar loudly "GRRRRRRRR."You screamed on top of your lungs and started to run.The beast was following you.Suddenly,You slipped and fall.You sat and looked behind,The beast was standing in front of you.It roar loudly,"GRRRRRRRR."Your thoughts:
  4. "NOOOO" you screamed and quickly opened your eyes.You sat on your bed and said to yourself,"When will this dream stop coming to me?" This dream started coming to you when you were 11 years old and from then you have seen this dream many times. You looked at your alarm clock.You have overslept and had missed the breakfast.You decided to get ready for your classes. You got up from your bed and looked at yourself in the mirror. You always do this after waking up.It was your habit. You were having black coloured chest length hairs,black eyes,fair completion and red lips.Your thoughts:
  5. You wore your uniform.It was-a white shirt,black tie,black knee length skirt,white socks and black sandal type shoes. After wearing your uniform you made a high ponytail,packed your bag according to your schedule,took your wand and exited your room but you didn't noticed that someone was watching you from the mirror.
  6. "(Your name)",Someone called you from behind.It was the voice of your favourite guy.You turned and saw Draco Malfoy running towards you with a huge grin on his face. He was dodging the first and second years who were running here and there very skillfully.His hairs were floating in the air in this process.Your thoughts:
  7. Draco Malfoy-He is your childhood best friend.You both used to play with each other since the age of one.His and Your parents were school time best friends.You both were each other's Neighbours.But,when you both turned 11,your father was transferred and you and your family went to France.When you and Draco were kids you both decided that you both will attend the same school but because of your father's transfer you attended your first year at beauxbaton institution of magic in France. When you and your family was going,draco and Draco's parents came to meet you. You and Draco were crying like hell.It was really hard for you to leave Your best friend.You weren't knowing that Draco studies in Hogwarts.Your thoughts:
  8. He came and stood in front of you.He wasn't changed a bit.He was looking same as he used to look when you last saw him.He was having blonde hairs,grey eyes,fair complection and red lips.You hugged him tightly and he hugged you back.He spinned you in a circle while hugging you.Everyone was staring at you both.He placed you on the floor.He took your bag from your shoulder and you both started to walk together.He said while smiling,"(Your name) I am so happy to see you.Now we both can talk as much as we want." You laughed and said,"I am also happy to see you." There was some time left before the classes.So, Draco took you to meet his friends.On the way, he told you that he is in Slyntherin.After some time you both approached two boys.He introduced you all.One boy was Crabbe and the other was Goyle.They both were also in Slyntherin.Your thoughts:
  9. You all were talking.Suddenly,The Bell of the first period rang.It was Wednesday and Crabbe,Goyle and Draco were having Transfiguration as their first period and You were having astronomy as your first period.Draco said,"I can walk you to your class,if you want." You said,"I don't know Hogwarts well.That would be nice" and smiled.You both said goodbye to Crabbe and Goyle and started making your way towards the Astronomy classroom and after sometime you both were standing outside the Astronomy classroom.Draco hugged you and said,"Don't worry, you will be fine." You said," Thanks Draco." He said goodbye to you and went to his own class. Your thoughts:
  10. When you entered the classroom everyone was staring at you.You ignored everyone and sat on a seat in front.Professor Sinistra entered the classroom and started the lesson.She was teaching about Planets.Your thoughts:
  11. After that you were having Potions.You started making your way to the potions class.When you entered in the classroom.You saw Draco,Crabbe and Goyle there.Draco was sitting on a front seat and Crabbe and Goyle were sitting on the Second seat together behind Draco.They all were talking. Draco saw you and smiled at you and gestured you to sit with him. You sat with Draco,he said," I knew that you will be having potions in second period that is why I saved this seat for you." You smiled and said," thanks Draco." Your thoughts:
  12. You,Crabbe,Goyle and Draco were talking.After sometime, professor Snape entered.He noticed that you were sitting with Draco.He asked Draco,"Mr. Malfoy this new girl is your Friend?" Draco replied," Yes,Professor." Professor Snape turned his attention towards you.He smiled and said,"You would be really smart if you are friends with Mr.Malfoy Slyntherin house is really lucky to have someone like you.What is your name child?" You replied,"My name is (Your name) Lupin but professor...I am not in Slyntherin house I am in Griffyndor." Some of your housemates told you yesterday that Professor Snape only adores Slyntherins and that it is really hard to become his favourite if you are not a Slyntherin.Your thoughts:
  13. Professor Snape said,"It doesn't Matter as you are Mr.Malfoy's Friend and if you are as good in potions as him."After that he started teaching about fire protection solution.After the class it was Lunch.You were having lunch with Draco,Crabbe and Goyle.Suddenly,a girl came and sat in front of you and Draco.She said,"Hey Guys,long time no see." The voice was familiar.You looked up from your plate and saw it was Ingrid.You Both yelled happily,"Ingrid"You said."(Your name)" Ingrid said and you both hugged each other.The boys were stunned to see that you both knew each other.Ingrid explained to them that you both met in the train's compartment and that you both were already friends. You came to know that Ingrid,Crabbe,Draco and Goyle were Friends already.Your thoughts:
  14. After finishing your Lunch You were making your way to your next class which was Transfugation but in the way you have to go to the washroom. You were washing your hands,You noticed that your reflection was looking a little bit different in the mirror.Your reflection was having Blonde hairs.You said to yourself,"This face is mine but what has happened to my hairs" and touched your hairs from your left hand but your reflection didn't moved.She was standing still.You were shocked and scared and you were sweating. Suddenly,Your reflection took out her hand from the mirror and hold your right hand and started to pull you inside the mirror.Half of your hand was already inside the mirror.You quickly took out your wand and pointed your wand towards the mirror and yelled,"Brocuchio" and the mirror was broken into small pieces with a loud sound.You were successful in saving yourself but you were still scared and you were sweating.You said to yourself,"What was that?"

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