Hogwarts love story

This is a love story that is based on Hogwarts.I hope you will enjoy it and have fun.You will also get to know some secrets about yourself in this story.You are also a special person as Harry Potter in this story.Enjoy!

Will you get the Hogwarts guy of your dream??? starting from year 2 to 7 you will have the chance from being friends to being lover.I Hope you will like this story;)

Created by: Riya008
  1. It will be your first day at Hogwarts.You are a transfer student.You are going for your second year at Hogwarts.But according to you it's your first year at Hogwarts.Your thoughts:
  2. You,Your dad and your elder brother kian got to the station on time.Your elder brother kian is going for his third year at Hogwarts.Your dad hugs you both and says,"I love you both."You and kian say at the same time,"I love you too,daddy."After that,you both get inside the Hogwarts express and wave to your dad.your thoughts:
  3. You don't like to depend on anyone so, you decide to find a compartment yourself.You slide and open the door of a compartment.Inside was a girl with blonde coloured shoulder length hairs,blue eyes and pink lips.You asked her,"Can I sit here?" She said,"Ofcourse, it would be nice to have some company" and smiled.Your thoughts:
  4. You sit next to her."hi,I am Ingrid Wilshere.Nice to meet you",she said and smiled and extended her hand towards you."Nice to meet you,too.I am (Your name) Lupin" you said while shaking her hand.She said,"I am a second year student and it looks like you are a second year too but,I never saw you at Hogwarts before.You are in which house?" You replied,"Actually,I am a transfer student,that's why you never saw me at Hogwarts before." She said," That means you are not in any house...right?" You said,"Yeah,right."Your thoughts:
  5. "I hope you will be in Slyntherin because I am also in Slyntherin.I really need a girl bestie because all my friends are boys."You said,"I also need a friend so, that would be nice." She cheerfully said,"Don't worry,you already have a friend.You can come to me if you need any help.I will always help you" and smiled.You smiled back at her and said,"Thanks Ingrid that really means alot to me." Your thoughts:
  6. You both talked the whole way and sat on the same carriage to go to Hogwarts.After some time you both entered the great hall.Ingrid hugged you and went to the Slyntherin table.You took in your surroundings.Your thoughts:
  7. After some time,The sorting ceremony started and all the first years were sorted.After that,dumbledore announced,"This year we have two transfer students in Hogwarts,Kian Lupin and (Your name) Lupin.Mr.Lupin,come here." He said and smiled at kian.Kian walked to the stool and sat on it.Dumbledore placed the sorting hat on his head.The hat said,"You are intelligent,creative and clever. You should be in ravenclaw."The ravenclaw students clapped and welcomed Kian.Kian stood up from the stool and sat on one of the chairs around the Ravenclaw table.Your thoughts:
  8. After that,Dumbledore said,"It's Your turn now Ms.Lupin. Come here" and smiled.You started walking towards the stool.Everyone's eyes were focused on you.You sat on the stool and Dumbledore placed the sorting hat on your head. The sorting hat said,"Hmmm... You are really special,it would be hard to sort you in one of the four houses.You have qualities for all the houses.The house who will get you will be really lucky.You are Cunning,Brave,Hard-working,intelligent,Kind and friendly.I think you should be in Slynther... The hat took a pause.Your thoughts:
  9. The hat yelled suddenly which made you jump,"GRYFFINDOR."Your thoughts:
  10. Gryffindor students clapped and welcomed you.You stood up from the stool and sat on one of the chairs around the Gryffindor table.After that,the great feast started.After the great feast you started walking towards the office to take your locker keys and schedule.When you got to the office you saw Ingrid.She smiled sweetly at you and you smiled back at her.Your thoughts:
  11. You both took your locker keys and schedule and started walking together.Ingrid said,"You were so close of coming in Slyntherin but that stupid hat said Gryffindor at the last moment" and made a face.You laughed and said,"It doesn't matter.We both are still friends....right?" "Yeah,right" She said cheerfully and happily.Your thoughts:
  12. You both talked for sometime.After that,you both said goodnight to each other and parted your ways.You went to your room.Your room was room no.156 on second floor.You got inside your room.There were three beds and almirahs inside.You unpacked your stuff and adjust it in one of the almirahs.Two other girls were going to share this room with you this whole year but since you were the first one to get there you were able to choose the almirah and bed of your choice.You choose the biggest almirah and the bed next to the window.After that you wore your pajamas and made a tight bun and then you wrote your diary and were off to bed.You closed your eyes and started to sleep.You dreamed:

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