Hogwarts Love Story Pt 2

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Hogwarts Love Story pt 2. Okay, I forgot to put a "What do you think so far" question, just comment on what you think. Back to reality, oueee looks like things are really heating up at Hogwarts, but who could it be? Enjoy :]

Will you get the Hogwarts guy of your dreams? Who knows, starting from year 3 till 8 (Because year 1 & 2 are still too young to date)you will get your chance from being friends to lovers by the end of the year.

Created by: natuhleegayle
  1. Your mind is still on the note you got yesterday, but it couldn't be at a more terrible time. "______!" You look up and you see Prof. Lupin staring down at you, you immediately turn bright red of embarrassment "Can you remind us everything we learned about Grindylows?" Your mind is blank, you don't know the answer so you say: "Uhm...We just started Boggarts yesterday. We learned nothing about Grindylows." Prof. Lupin smiles "Good, just trying to see if you were awake and to see if you were going to make something up on the spot. You:
  2. After class, Harry comes up to you "Hey ____, Nice way you handled Prof. Lupin. I'm impressed" He tells you with the bonus of a sweet smile "I was just improvising" You said but before he can say anything Oliver Wood walks towards you both and tells Harry they need to start their Quidditch training. Oliver then notices you're there and smiles at you. You:
  3. It's free period. How do you spend it?
  4. Halfway during free period, you get up and you start walking inside the Castle when Fred and George Weasley come your way in their Quidditch Gear. They see you and ask you if you wanted to help them with an experiment. You reply:
  5. In the end, they dragged you anyways and they take you to the staircase of the Clock Tower. "On the count of three" George smiled but instantly Fred yelled out "Three!" They take out their wands and say "Orchideous" in unisons and numeral flowers shoot out of their wand and lie on your lap. You instantly blush and become speechless but confused, they asked you to help with an experiment "So?" Fred smiled and you look up at them "What do you mean?" You say with shock "Do you think Girls like that stuff? I mean, We've been meaning to ask this girl-" then instantly you realize you're just a test subject. You say this and walk away in tears:
  6. You left Fred & George in confusion with your tears. When you're walking away with tears in your eyes, everything becomes a blur and you bump into Draco. Before he can say anything, he notices that you're crying. You brace yourself for an insult but he just stares at you. You:
  7. "Are you..." Draco ask hesitantly but Ron, Neville and Harry walk past noticing you crying and Draco near you. "What do you think you're doing?" Harry yells at Draco and gets in between. "Are you alright?" Neville putting his arms around you "Of course not!" Ron says crouching down looking into your face. Draco looks over Harry's shoulder with concern but stares at Harry. You:
  8. Before actions led any further, you see Oliver, Fred & George making their way towards everyone. You try to avoid eye-contact with the twins and Oliver seems to be the most concerned. You:
  9. It seems like everyone is just yelling at each other, so you finally gained the courage to yell out "STOP THIS NONSENSE!" Everyone looks at you in shock "It's...about time we all go to the Great Hall. The feast is about to begin." You turn around and begin walking to the Great Hall and you think of:
  10. As you sit down at a table awaiting the feast, you have numerous eyes staring at you. Draco, Oliver, Fred, George, Neville, Ron and Harry. You stare back at:
  11. As the feast begins, someone from your table gives you a note. "What? Who gave you this...?" You start panicking "I'm suppose to keep it a secret" They said and you shoot them an angry look, when you unfold it, it reads out "About this afternoon, we really need to talk. I need to make sure you're okay. Meet me outside the Great Hall." You:

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