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Hogwarts Love story. Typical love story that's based on Hogwarts. I'm pretty noob at this...Don't judge meeeh ! So, I was really confused how to start it off but nonetheless, same concept (:

Will you get the Hogwarts guy of your dreams? Who knows, starting from year 3 till 8 (Because year 1 & 2 are still too young to date)you will get your chance from being friends to lovers by the end of the year.

Created by: natuhleegayle
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  1. Your first and second year at Hogwarts flew by and you're already in your third year. When you get off the train, you sulk miserably as you walk and you bump into two-red headed boys. You:
  2. So, after the huge feast in the beginning of every starting term. You head up to your common room but you bump into someone yet again in the staircase but this time you almost fall back. "Woaah there!" He grabs you by the hand "Are you okay?" You notice he's a seventh year student You:
  3. Later on, after that humiliating incident. You hear a voice behind you "Mind where you walk, girl. Don't want YOU to bump into me now. It's not like I'm gonna catch you." You respond:
  4. To your response, he gives you a look but before he can say anything Harry Potter and Ron,Fred,George Weasley are steps behind you heading to their common room. They stop and see you then notice Draco. "Aren't bothering ____, are you?" Harry said "What's it to you, Potter?" You:
  5. Fast forwarding to the next day, you have Defense against the Dark Arts with Prof. Lupin. His first lesson is about Boggarts and you learn the spell Riddikulus. When the class is done, your thoughts are:
  6. As you're making your way to your next class, someone stops you in the halls "This fell out of you book" When you take it, it's a piece of parchment with a message on it. "Hey, I really want to get to know you...Let's meet at the Three Broomsticks on the next trip to Hogsmeade. See ya!" You're so shocked but you can only think of who sent it. It's probably...
  7. It's dinner time and the note from before is still on your mind. When you look around the room, your friend nudges you "Hey ____, check it out. Ron and Harry are looking at you whispering" You:
  8. After dinner is done, you see Draco and his gang bullying Neville, you tap Draco's shoulder and say:
  9. Draco doesn't take you words into account but somehow he's hesitant with his actions but when he finally acts. The older boy from before comes in between you "I wouldn't dare if I were you." Draco looks up in disgust "Oh... _____, Got an older boy to fight your battles. One day I'll get you alone" He and his group walks away, making Neville thanking you quickly and run away to the common room. The older boy turns around turning out to be Oliver Wood "You have a thing for trouble, don't you?" You respond:
  10. Okay, I'm going to stop it there (: What do you think?

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