The Middle School Love Story Part 1

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This is a new Lovy Story seris called Middle School Love Story. Its about you and what boy you pick. As few of this stuff comes from my very own experince.

Who will you pick?Goth guy?Friendly guy?Or Mr. Popular?The fate of this story lies in your hands!Good Luck And I hope you get what you want! Now go live your story!!

Created by: Jennie
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  1. So its your first day of a brand new middle school.And the best part is,I know no one at all!you think to yourself.
  2. So your mom drops you off and you go to the front desk. When the lady goes to get your scedule(sp) you see a boy.He had brown hair and brown eyes.In a way you think he is cute.He walks up to you and says "Hi I'm Jake.You must be new.I have never seen you before.I would have remebered."Before you say hi bak the lady hands you your scedule(sp).Jake looks at it and says "Hey we have the same homeroom.Want me to show you where it is?"You say:"
  3. So lets say you said yes.(Sorry if that wasnt your anwser)You introduce yourself to Jake and then you guys reach homeroom before the tardy bell. The teacher says "Ok class.We have a new student her name is ______ and she will be joining our class.You may go sit near Matt over there." She point to this gothic guy with black hair covering one of his eyes.He also has a scar on his arm."You think Matt is:
  4. Matt doesnt even talk to you he just looks at you then turns away.In your next class you sit by a different guy.He has dirty blonde hair and green eyes. During free time heteased around with you and you find out his name is Logan. He whispered in your ear "I like you." You think:
  5. Pickles!
  6. So in your next class you have Logan and Jake. Logan is all flirting with you.Jake is jealous. After you see them talking right around the corner. You listen to the conversation."Well you shouldnt be flirting with ________." Says Jake.Logan says "Why do you care?"Jake says"Well what about your girlfriend,Amber."Logan thinks then goes to class. You think:
  7. So who do you like so far??
  8. Sorry but CLIFFHANGER!!!
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