Middle School Love Story Part 3

Oh. My. Gosh. I am so sorry that it took me so long to make this quiz. But even though it was a rush, Part 4 is coming your way people!! So look out! Oh and things are going to *spice up* a bit, if you know what I Mean, wink, wink.Oh and another thing is if you want me to continue, please comment and rate. Oh and people don't rate or leave a suggestion. The only I got was 'make it longer.' So I need some ideas. Ok, thanks.

Oh and I don't know what else to write so here's some pretty R^N:D0M I Love cheese pie good Big time rush i know food school hate mean dogs are cute you are dumb. ha.ha.ha.

Created by: Rockstar123

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  1. Okay, okay-- so the door blew open and Jake is on top off you... -Recap-
  2. there stood his mom--wide eyes and terrified!! "Jake, you never told me you had a girlfriend! And whats this? Making love? You are grounded!!!!! You here me mister? Huh? YOU HEAR ME?!?!" his mom yelled. Boy was she mad. It kinda freaked you out. You try to explain, "But it wasn't his fault really. I'm so soooooooooorry. It won't happen next time." "Well it already did. So get up and leave. As for YOU Jake, you have had past girlfriends. So don't play her like you did a while ago." She narrowed her eyes. Jake was sad looking. He looked into your eyes. -Boy does he have cute eyes!- You didn't realize that your eyes were red. That you were silently crying. That tears were dripping down your cheeks. That you were blushing oh so red. "look, _______. I'm sorry. And I won't play on you. " he whispered. It sounded like he was the puppy and you were his master. "don't-Don't talk to me. You played on those girls--Sephanie,Sydney, and Alexis, I think--And that's probably what you said to them. When I heard Kyle say that I thought he was just jealous. But hearing that from YOUR MOM-well, yea...So goodbye Jake...See ya in biography." You hurry out his door crying. Just...hide...in...a...hole...and...never...come...out...You finally manage to go home. You see a note with your name on it. Perfect neat handwriting-It said-- _______, meet me in the Evergreen local park. I'm sorry I was rude the other day. I'll tell you why. Meet me at 5:00 today. I hope you come. -Doug
  3. -You go to the park- under a tree there was flowers of all colors-neatly planted in a perfect circle. Probably Doug planted them, you thought. After all, he has neat handwriting and probably neat gardening skills. On the other side of the tall breezy oak tree was Doug. His brown hair swaye to the wind. His Brown eyes on you so hipnotizing..."So, uh..._____I'm sorry about the rudeness. But if you were me, you'd understand. My life is crud. I want to tell you but..." He said his voice traling off. You stand there, wondering why. Your hair flutters cuz of the wind. Doug's eyes are on you as if saying 'Your so cute.' You finally say, "Trust me. I can keep a secret. I just want to be your friend-I don't have many friends yet. You could tell me." You coax him. Your hand is on his shoulder.He takes it and leads you to a secret bench that you think no one has ever sat on- well besides Doug- He is still holding your hand.
  4. He looks down crying. "Oh My Gosh!! I'm so sorry!I don't know what I did wrong, but Are you ok?" He looks at you and hugs you. You feel his warmness on your shoulders.You guys stay in this position for awhile. You rest your head on his shoulders. When you two FINALLY part away, he says, "The reason I'm So quiet and sad is because my little sister passed away. She...She ran into the train tracks because people were bullying her. She was only 7 years old!! I am very sensitive and I cut myself after her...death." he takes a breath. You were crying silently. You feel bad for him. Aughh...I'm so sorry, you think.
  5. He finally continues. "But the other day, I stopped cutting myself because I thought I had a chance with you...I mean...I like you" he looks at you. "The day I was rude, my mom rushed to the hospital. I was so mad because my dad left us when I was born. _______, I don't know what to do. " He gently weeps on your shoulder. When he stops he gives you a box. You open it-
  6. It was a necklace. Doug leans over and you hear your heart beating...buhbump, buhbump...and he puts it on you. YOU feel your hand reach for it and you see the diamond crystals that glimmer in the sunlight.He explains, "It is my mom's. The day before she was in the hospital, she gave it to me saying,'give it to the person whom you love,care for, and trust. your dad gave it to me, and he didn't keep his word for it.' So I figured I should give it to you." He smiles for the first time(lol, I love that song by the Script) He kisses you on the cheeks and says, "bye,_____."
  7. The next day, you rush to your locker and grab the stuff you need. Let's all face it, you were always late to class. When you slamm your locker, Kyle was standing there the whole time. "Ahh!!" you scream,gasping. you could tell that you looked startled. In fact, you WERE starled. "hi ____. I'm sorry for the goofiness." he gives you a smile that melts your heart. "It's ok." you reply. "Well, uh, I'll pass you a note in class. It is very important. Let's hurry before were late." "And you're tellling ME" you mutter. He grouches, "I HEARD that old lady!" You look suprized and finally manage to say, "Stup up." He smiles and you guys go into biography. Jake smiles at you as you pass, and Doug looks jealous that you're with Kyle.
  8. IN the middle of class, Kyle sends you a text saying," The reason I'm so silly is because my parents left me. So when I got adopted, the people treat me horrible at home. Sometimes I don't get food and water. My bed is a bunch of old newspapers the guy uses. I don't have a bed. I try not to show my pain in school, so instead, I laugh and crack jokes. I'm sorry I called you b*tchy. It was wrong. I feel so bad. I hope you forgive me." You look up at him and you see the surge of sadness. You text him back--'I 4give u. I'm sorry about ur family.But after all, u ARE the class clown. Plus, every1 deserves a 2nd chance. :)' He smiles to you and the teacher-
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