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  • This is my thread
    "Yikes, that's not fun. I would just lay in bed all day."
  • "How can you forget Baby and Posh Spice? "Girlfriend qualifications: must be a mammal. Preferably a dog. Corgi.""
  • "You also gotta spell girlfriend and application correctly lol."
  • "If you edit your quiz, there's an option to remove it."
  • "If you wanna be my loverrrrrrr... You gotta name all the Spice Girls from memory"
  • This is my thread
    "I'm extremely jealous! I'm hanging on the brink of sanity here, with all these upcoming tests. Why can't you taste food?"
  • This is my thread
    "Aw Meep, I feel the same but I only have like three more days of finals before hell (school) is over. I'm sure things will get better once ..."
  • This is my thread
    "I remember because you called me "Rocky" lol. I'm not much older, I'm 16. So guys, how's life been? I guess you can't really"
  • This is my thread
    "Wait, SG, I feel like I should know you but I forgot due to the stress of high school. Jog my memory?"
  • some of you guys
    "I feel like liberals are a target for "triggering""
  • This is my thread
    "Oh my god, I remember Alejandro"
  • This is my thread
    "Well this totally rocks! I love the people here for the most part, lol. So what's up?"
  • This is my thread
    "I was thinking about cringey moments of my life and remembered this site... Please do not read any of my quizzes for your own sake lol. Wbu?..."
  • This is my thread
    "Hey guys, should I introduce myself? I'm randomly invading this thread. Anyway, I haven't been on this site for about 3 years. How is everyo..."

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