Reality Check:A Simple yet Complicated Love Story 12

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Created by: Rockstar123

  1. [It's been a while. I'll recap you.] RECAP:You were working with Mark and he admits to you that he likes Kathryn. You plan to tell her.
  2. You leave after Mark. Your dad wasn't home yet. Instead of going inside, you went straight to your backyard. It was cool there. Underneath the big willow tree was your outdoor chair. You sat there, thinking thoughtfully. The swimming pool was still covered up. Maybe your dad can fix it so you can take a dip eventually. Soon, your dad came home. Everything was boring, and well, NORMAL. If that made sense. You couldn't wait to tell Kathy about Mark. Maybe she'll get you out of the cheerleading mess. Maybe she'll stop liking Cameron. *Maybe,* you thought, *Cameron will like ME.* After the longing day, you fell asleep in your bed.
  3. The next day, you walked to health. Again, it was a stupid movie that lasted the entire period. The futility of the movie made everyone bored. At least it meant no homework or classwork. *And, it also means more nappy time.* You rested your head onto your arm. Yesterday night you didn't sleep much. You shut your eyes. It seemed peaceful... except that jabbing that came behind you. "Stop it," you murmured. It kept poking. You turn around and see Kathy with a big smile cemented on her face. "Why are you so happy?" you ask, crankily. After a few seconds, you say, "Stop, it's creeping me out." Kathryn's jovial expression stayed on her face. "We," she whispered, "made it." You turn your head in confusion. "Huh?" She excitily rubs a piece of paper in front of your face. On top it says, "CHEERLEADING CUT." You see your name and Kathy's name on it. "See! See!?" she exclaims. You groan. "They spelled my name wrong," you complained, mostly because you were annoyed she woke your peaceful nap for THIS. In your nap, you didn't have to face this or worry. A moment later, the bell filled the air. You grabbed your stuff and got out of the place.
  4. You shoved your books and binders from other classes into your locker. On one side of your locker was a picture of Kathy and you when you guys were ten years old. You smile at the thought. That was when you had the first sleep-over at her house, along with Deanna. Your eyes drift to another picture. The one at the spring concert last year. You were in the choir. Apparently, someone left you a bunch of roses. You still don't know who they were from. It's been a year, so you completely forgot about it. At last, you take your jacket that was hanging on the hook. It blocked another picture that you taped on. In the picture showed you, your mom, and dad. You frown in the memory. Finally, after repenting over what happened, you slam your locker and saw Mark standing there. You leaped. "Oh god," you mutter. "Heh, sorry. It's just... did you tell Kathryn yet?" he asked, nervously. You roll your eyes. "I will later," you reply. *Later as in never. No, I can't do that... Can I?* Lunch was annoying, because all you heard was Kathy gloating about making the team. You threw your lunch out in disgust. They were serving tacos. It sucked. You sat with Kathy and she said, "The first meeting is today." You nod. Suddenly, a football sailed your way. Kathryn screamed and you caught it. You see Cameron and other guys looking your way, asking you to toss the ball to them. You toss it. At Cameron's head. "GO PLAY YOUR LITTLE GAME SOMEWHERE ELSE," you yell. They snicker, and took it as a joke. Someone laid their cold hand on your shoulder.
  5. You turn around and see Mr. Horing. You swallow. "Oops," you mutter. He grabs hold of you hand. "BOYS GIT OVA HERE!" he barks. It ain't happy. They curse under their breaths and slowly walk to you. "What," Mr. Horing says, "did I say about playing football?" Silence. He looks steamed. "WHAT?!?" he yells. "No playing sir," they murmur. "That's right. So detention for three days. Which means missingon football practice. NOW, SCRAMBLE!" he warns. They slowly part and you start to leave. Except that he was still holding onto your wrist. "You're not getting anywhere, Ms. Miller," he proclaims. You squeal. "I saw you tossing that ball." He says. "But, but, they threw it at our face. I, I was just giving it back." you stammered. "Ah yes," he nods, "But we have a strict no throwing balls policy. You could've HANDED it to them." You sigh. "One day detention." You froze. "T-today?" you ask. He nods. "But I have cheer practice!" you exclaim. He shrugs and walks away, as if it weren't any of his affair. Well, it wasn't. But, what were you going to say to Kathy? You groan. The bell rang and you walked in.
  6. At reading, you handed in the report from you and Mark. You grabbed Kathy and she sat with you. Cameron was with Jake. You have been avoiding him for a while, so you weren't going to plan on talking to him. Mark was somewhere else. "Uh Kath, I don't know how to say this to you, but-" you began. She cut you off, "Cameron has a girlfriend!" You blink. "Ok... but Mark likes you. Like likes you," you continued. She looks blank. Then slowly, she smiles. "Really?" she blushes. "Yes," you reassure her. She looks down. "Hey-" you say, suspiciously. "Why are you doing that? You NEVER blush when it comes to Cameron..." She blushes more. "Shut up." she exclaims. You gasp. "You like him! Like like him! Oh, I'm telling!" you say. Before she could stop you, you stood up and screamed across the room to Mark, "Good news! Kathryn looooves you too!" Mark smiles and Kathryn smiles back. *Yes! Mission accomplished.* You realize the room was staring at you. It was your turn to blush. "Haha..." You pull Kathy. "Now that, uh, I brought you, happiness... Um, I kinda have detention, so I can't, really, uh, makecheerleadingpractice?" you say. She smacks your arm. "Hey!" you protested. "I forgive you," she says. You smile. Then frown. "Then why'd you smack my arm?" you ask. She shrugs and you roll your eyes.
  7. "So, Cameron has a girlfriend?" you ask. "Mmhmm. That girl, Sydney I think," she replies. Oh no. Stupid Sydney who has perfect hair. Eyes. Make up. She's far too pretty, and NICE to people she wants to be nice to. You look across the room and see her in a short skirt with Amber and Jake, Cameron, and Trevor. *Slut. She and Amber wearing dangerously low cut shirts.* You look away. Boy was reading boring.
  8. At detention, you were locked in a room with a boy. Mr. Horing brought in Cameron. "Oh s---." you mutter. You take your iPod and put on:
  9. "Are you avoiding me?" Cameron smirks. You take one earbud off. "Nah," you say. "Since you AREN'T avoiding me, can I come over?" he asks. You cringe. What would Kathryn say to skipping Cheer practice to let someone-like CAMERON- over your house? No way. "No way," you say. After the thirty minutes were over, Cameron followed you home. "So that's a yes?" You push him. "Go away. Stop stalking me. Why don't you go to Sydney or Jake," you say to him. "I have no idea," he answers a little confused. You walk straight backyard to the chairs under the willow tree. "It's a great way to hide," he remarks, looking at the leaves that surrounded you. "Yeah, I guess no one can see you," you replied. "So isn't Sydney your girlfriend?" you ask, unsteadily. "Don't ask," he says. "Ask what?" you ask. "Ask why I'm here and not with her, because I honestly don't know." he states plainly. "Oh."

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