Reality Check:A Simple yet Complicated Love Story 10

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  1. "It's not--" you began. Kathy looks at you, dead in the eyes. "I think I know now. I'm sorry to be... a pest. Bye Hannah. Bye Cameron." she growls calmly. Kathryn turned around and looked like crying . Before you could get to her, she ran away very fastly. *It seems like the whole world is avoiding me. I suck.* Cameron raises one eyebrow. "I have no idea what's going on, but I'm guessing that it's not good..." he said. You bit your lip. You wanted everything to pour out of you, and it'll be over with. Yet you can't. It was not that simple. "Listen Cameron, I don't know about you, but I have no feelings for you whatsoever. So, I'll do the health homework and I'll see you in homeroom for library. Bye." Without another word, you pulled his arm out of your yard. He looked like he was about to protest, but you ran into your house just before the waterworks came-again. After slamming the door, you hugged your knees together. *This isn't fair.*
  2. Of course Cameron isn't Cameron unless he had it his way. You were still leaning against the front door, until you saw Cameron coming in though the side door, from the kitchen. "Oh my god, get out you freak!" you exclaim, sniffling. You wiped the tears away, hoping he didn't notice them. Cameron didn't even speak to you. You sat on one of the high stools of your kitchen counter and rested your head in your arms. That way, everything was dark. And more importantly, Cameron couldn't see your face. You finally looked up and saw Cameron sat down next to you. More tears filled your eyes and he hugged you. "I'm sorry. I don't really understand what's happening, but, everything is going to be ok." he whispers into your ear. His breath was cold yet comforting. You squirm out of his reach. You don't answer him. "Does this mean you'll be avoiding me for as long as I live?" he asked. You don't speak. Your memory kind of blurs and you wake up, still on the counter. Except Cameron wasn't there. *Oh good, that must have been a nightmare. It HAD to be.* Only the real visions of life denied it. Everything that took place was true. It all happened. You look at your cell. Cameron texted, ~hey, uh I'm sorry. for everthing. forgive me?~ You wanted to hit reply. Only that will make him become friends with you, and Kathryn will suspect more. You hit delete and look at the stove digital clock.
  3. 6:56. Your dad will be home any minute now. Maybe you can talk to Kathy. You run up to your bedroom, and digging out your iPod touch, you hit facetime. This way, you can actually talk to her, only though a device. *Please pick up...* She picked up. "Make it quick, Miller. After I hang up on what I thought my best friend was." she snapped. *Ok ok, she's giving you a chance...* "Listen, Cameron is really hard to deal with. I think you should be the one with him, honestly. But I know for a fact Mrs. Lavinburg isn't switching us back. Maybe you should, like hang out with him a different way? Because he's all yours, I swear." you blab. Kathryn was your best friend forever. And no silly, obnoxious, ok-cute guy is going to ruin that. She sighed. "I believe you. But what am I going to do?" she asks. You brighten up a lot. "Well, he's on the football team so you can join cheer squad, I guess." you say, uncertainly. "Oh. My. Gosh. Eeeek!! I always wanted to do that, but you know. As my best friend, you have to join me." she concluded. "Me? Cheer? Hahaha, you're kidding, right?" you ask. Silence. *Ok, so maybe she wasn't joking.* "Fine." you agree. She smiles. "Hey, thanks for the explanation, I love ya, I go to go. Bye!" she singsongs happily. *Easy for her to do.* You turn your iPod off. What a conversation.
  4. The next day at lunch, Kathryn pulls you into the ladies' room. It was empty. "Ok, listen. I think Cameron likes me!" she squeals. You smile, though you weren't sure if you were to be happy. "I texted him all night. Three hours straight. And," she adds, "He was talking to me in General Music class." You smiled. "That's great," you say. "He might like me though." you say quickly, and disappointed that you did. But it didn't even come accross her face. "Don't be silly. I mean, you're awesome and everything but, he's mine." she says. You nod. Then, you wondered if this was true.
  5. You went to Reading class next, and both Cameron and Kathy were there. Kathryn took grabs at the seat next to him. You took a seat in the back with Mark. "Hey Hannah." he calls. You gave a brief smile and a polite nod. The final bell rang, and Mr. Parsel, the Science AND reading teacher walked in. "Hello class. Before I get too welcome-" the class snorted. "-I will inform you that this will be your permanent seat for about two weeks. The person to your right is your new partner for a literary essay on a specific topic." You glance over and there he was. Mark, your partner. It was okay, not the worst, but if only Kath was your partner... Well she's too tied up with Cameron anyway. She was laughing, talking, FLIRTING with him. He was smiling, too. You couldn't tell if it was politeness or he enjoys flirting. He probably does anyway. He caught your glance and you looked away. Not that you cared in any way.
  6. You walked home that day. The other subjects such as health, science, and music was breaking. So during those periods, you were watching videos in a related topic. But still, it meant no work for about three of if you were lucky, four weeks. That is what's awesome about the end of spring. Your phone vibrates. ~cameron asked 2 go grab pizza. omg. (: (: (: (: txt bck!~ Of course Kath was sooooo excited. Was it true? Cameron didn't go for your type, but for a lively type like Kathryn? Cameron never asked you to hang out, unless for a purpose. So he did like her. It was so obvious his flirting with her. He was hanging out with you to get closer to Kathy! Why didn't you know that! You do now. *Oh great. Kathryn is happily getting pizza with Cameron while I'm stuck a lonely girl who has Mark as a partner.*
  7. A week later, you get a call from Mark. He says that you guys should start the topic for the reading assignment. You agree and meet him at Starbucks'. You haven't talked to Cameron or Kathy for a while. As you make your way downtown to the little shop, you open the door. The bell jingled, indicating a customer had arrived. You look around and spot Kathryn and Cameron at a table together. Mark came in behind you and he lead you to an empty table. Kathryn and Cameron saw you two, and sparks flew. Yes, but very different ones. Kathy looked amused. Cameron looked jealous then looked normal, and you were sure you imagined it. After all, Kathy was a better choice. And, it seemed very true that she was his type. *She's right that he likes her. It looks that way. Who am I kidding? Cameron never liked me to begin with!* But you had a connection with Cameron, an unusual one... You waved to them and sat down with Mark. You guys discussed about the topic and it was actually fun. Coming from you, a school girl who thinks Cameron Parker actually has eyes for her. *Getting off topic...* "Ok, I think we've done enough work." you said. "Yeah." he agreed. He got up and said bye. Mark left. When you got up to get your stuff to leave, you noticed that Cameon was looking at you. He looks away, distracted and Kathy just smiles and doesn't notice anything. You walk out, starting your way back. *Wow.*
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