Reality Check:A Simple yet Complicated Love Story 4

** is you thinking. You are Hannah. This is definately a love story with reality. There are ups a downs, but whoever said life was easy? It might be not interesting, but please comment and hit the submit button!

Also, this is not some story with a bunch of guys crushing on you. It's a story, and relationship developes and the story goes on. It will have a happy ending, so stay tuned til the end!

Created by: Rockstar123
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  1. THE TITLE SAYS, 4 BUT THIS IS THE FIRST PART. SO THE NEXT WHICH IS THE SECOND PART IS 5.(Your name is Hannah. Scene: fourth period, end of Science) You sink lower and lower in your chair as your stupid science teacher, Mr. Parsel, announces the people that are in group. "Hannah, Sydney, Cameron, and John are in group three." he says in a dull, sleeping tone. "Please get into groups as I assigned and start your first experiment on Viscosity. The full report is due in two weeks." Mr. Parsel pauses to think and then narrows his eyes. "No excuses." and then glances at Cameron, the blond haired blue eyed popular boy in your grade. "No duh." you muttered under your breath. You walk and sit by your table and roll your eyes. You did NOT like your group.
  2. You gather with your group and sit at a round table with them. You are a straight A's student, but stubborn as well. You could care less about your hair or the latest Top from Aeropostale's. Sydney, on the other hand, is popular, drop dead georgeous, smart, and worst of all- she's nice. All the qualities a guy would die for. Over the years, you would track down her grades and find the average and compared to yours. It sounds weird, but once again, you would care less. Sydney swept her long, straight blonde hair and said, "Well, I know what Viscosity is, so I have an excellent hypothesis." "Great." you say, so low that only you could hear. Sydney is so pretty that she wouldn't be considered geeky. But the truth is, she is like an open book encyclopedia. You raged with jealousy. Finally, you calm and say, "Ok. Let's start the experiment." John was always absent, and it seems like he's only here about three times in a month. And also, Cameron is no help. He is popular and has over swagger. *I am doomed. I hate my life I hate my life I hate my life...*
  3. Cameron was texting on his iPhone and you slam your hand on his desk. "We've gotta project here!" you informed him. Cameron's eyes were glued to his phone. "Due in two weeks!" you went on. "Major project grade!" Still looking in his cell. "Stop or Hannah will explode!" Sydney said, mocking your tone. It wasn't half that funny-at least to you-and Cameron put down his cell and laughed. He said mostly to Sydney, "Yeah, so let's get the materials." You felt like screaming. And yelling. Yet you didn't. The experiment was easy, but then you guys had to take turns writing the report.
  4. The bell rang to end fourth period. Next is Health, and you are expected to take the class. It's nothing major, because guys and girls were in the same class. You get your binder for science and leave the science lab. "Goodbye Hannah." Cameron snickered. He left and a pretty popular girl trailed him and flirted. You roll your eyes, and then notice something is wrong. First, Cameron hasn't talked to you since third grade-seven years ago-and he wasn't any nicer. But the fact that you were solid and believed what you believed only, Cameron and you colliding would be a huge disaster. Sure enough, you guys would always fight over something stupid. You never really thought about it, but you kept your distance. He was popular, you weren't. It was that simple.
  5. You stopped walking. Reaching for your back, you felt a piece of paper stuck to the sweater you were wearing. The paper had Cameron's messy writing, "Imma nerd so be proud!" *What the hell* It's a classic. You ran quickly into the ladies' room, relieved you figured it out before too many people saw you. Then, you fumed. Who'd that Cameron think he was? He was popular, and rich, and had a bunch of girls flirting him. What did he want from you? Cameron only talked to you because you were in his science group. *He would probably forget my name if I weren't in some of his classes.* Holding in your anger, you left and hurried to health. Your best friend, Kathryn, was in your class. You smiled. Slowly, you gazed around the room and you spot Cameron. Oh yeah. You forgot. Cameron's in your class. Your elation slowly dropped and dropped, and then it collapsed like a bridge from all the weight.
  6. "Miss Miller? Do you know?" Mrs. Lavinburg, the health teacher asked. You were usually on top of things, and well, the techer's pet, sort of. No one teased you, but popular people did not talk to you, thinking they are way to good for you. Stereotype b-tches. You stammered, "Huh?" Mrs. Lavinburg was clearly upset, but gave a smile and told the class the answer. You heard Cameron say something to his best friend, Jake, and they high fived. *Probably something bad about me* After what seemed like 5 longing years, Mrs. Lavinburg said, "One final announcement, and then you are dismissed!" *This better be good* "Ok as you know each of you are maturing into young adults! You guys are turning 17 and graduating! And leaving me behind to turn into a old, old lady!" A few kids in the front laughed uncertainly, and others nodded. She continued, "So you all know we have a special project before you guys graduate for this Summer. You guys are assigned to a partner and experience what it's like to be a grown up! What I do is I give you some projects and you and your couple will have to accomplish them!" The bell rang. "See you tomorrow!" and lots of people already rushed out for sixth period lunch.
  7. Cameron said to you, "Good one Miller. You caught it." And snickered. You roll your eyes and say, "Oh please. What a classic. It was totally lame. And since we're in health and maturing, obviously YOU'RE not." Cameron king of froze a second there to take in what you said, and then shrugged. He just walked out like he owned the place. Kathryn then tugged your arm and said, "See you at lunch. Talk to you later." You nod. "k." As soon as you gather your stuff to leave, Mrs. Lavinburg calls you. "Hannah!" she calls. "Can I see you just a minute?" "Yeah." you say. Putting your stuff down, you walk to her desk. You ask, "Hi, what's wrong?" She smiles and takes off her glasses. "I will miss you sweetheart. Do you believe graduation is in two monthes? Well, you don't seem like yourself today. What do I owe the pleasure for you telling me?" You sigh and respond, "Nothing, Cameron is just getting on my nerves. He is in almost every class with me and only talked to me because I'm in his science class. He thinks he's too good for me, or whatever. Why doesn't he go and bother some other girl? After all, he does have a million girls that'd die for him." You pause. Mrs. Lavinburg says, "ah, yes boys are confusing. But as being a woman, I think you like him." You blush. "I do not!! I haven't talked to him since like, two hours ago!" you say. She chuckles, and then replies, "Have a great lunch, Hannah."
  8. At lunch, You sit with Kathryn. The usual. Your mom passed away three years ago, and you are tight with your dad. You have PB&J and Kathryn has a bagel. "Switch?" she asks, holding her bagel. "Deal." you hand her your sandwich and take a bite of your bagel. "I can't believe we're having a health project," Kathryn says, opening the cap of the water bottle. You say plainly, "It's stupid." Kathryn looks down to the ground and says, "I hope I get Cameron." You shove her. "Ewwwww, Cameron???" you say teasingly. She blushes and says, "Oh shut up! One day, there will be some guy that you'll luuuuurve and I will tease you to death." As if. Then you stop chewing. "Wait, you've never told me this before?" you say. A swirl of thoughts fill your head. My best friend likes a jerk? Is it his clothes? His hair? His attitude? "Whatever." she says, and moves along the subject.
  9. You then daydream off. Kathryn is pretty, in fact prettier than yourself. She had wavy brown hair, and brown eyes and wears makeup. Her clothes were very fashionable, but you rather stick to a sweater and sweats. You get permission to go to the bathroom. You stare at your reflection. It stares back. Who is this girl? Why is she familiar, but never really close to me? What is my life? Your dirty blonder hair was straight, but always tied into a ponytail. You wore clothes considered geeky, but did not care. *What do people think of me?*
  10. Ok comment to tell me if I should continue! ad hit the 'submit' button so I know people took this. If you actually take 5 seconds to hit the submit button, it'll make my day. If i know people took these, I make more! thanx

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