Xat seems simple, but it may not be as simple as you think. Xat can be more complicated than a lot of people think. This quiz is sort of long, but you should get an accurate assessment of your xat knowledge, at least semi accurate.

Be prepared, this may ask some rather tougher than normal questions, see what you score, and see if you can get 100% without researching the answers during the test.

Created by: astrĂ¼vis

  1. What is the behavior of links in xat?
  2. When a chat is members only, what happens?
  3. What happens if you post the edit chat url into xat?
  4. What does stealth mode do?
  5. When a user is banned, what happens?
  6. When search is typed into the chat, what happens?
  7. When happens when "xat" is typed into the chatbox?
  8. What will trigger a link?
  9. What triggers a youtube player link?
  10. What does strict banning do?
  11. What does live mode do?
  12. What happens when a user is gagged.
  13. What color are moderators?
  14. How long can a moderator ban for?
  15. Who can moderators unban?
  16. Who can edit the scroller?
  17. Who can use protect
  18. What does /i do?
  19. Can main owners be demoted?
  20. Can you ban someone who has never visited your chat?
  21. What does boot do?
  22. Can moderators be banned by owners and main owners?
  23. What does mute do?
  24. What does it mean when someone's pawn is cyan?
  25. What does it mean when someone's pawn is black.
  26. What does it mean when someones pawn is pink?
  27. When someone logs on using a cellphone, what happens?
  28. What does a black star mean?
  29. What does a gold star mean?
  30. Does xat allow Unicode characters?
  31. What color is a dark orange person?
  32. What does it mean if someone has a black name?
  33. Can you see what chat room friends are in?
  34. When you ignore someone, is it permanent?
  35. What color are owners.

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