Does he like you?

I know the title is really lame and cheesy but this is a really simple quiz. It's not biased to "he likes you" just so you can can get what you want, it's really that simple and true that you probably know the answer already, but you're just making sure. I'm not gonna guarantee anything, but anyway I hope you get your man :p

So does he like you? Or not? Maybe you talk, but it doesn't seem like he's into you, or maybe you're being too serious? blahblah this sounds lame.......i'm not trying to sound like an informercial but really it's a pretty accurate quiz and maybe it'll help you maybe not so why not take it ;)

Created by: m

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. You're in class, the hall, whatever- and he's in a visible distance from you. Does he:
  2. You're asked to partner up. Does he:
  3. You tease him. What does he do?
  4. You're walking towards the same destination and you start walking faster or say something like "i'm gonna beat you :)" what does he do?
  5. He walks by you. What does he do?
  6. If you said, "I have a question...", what would he most likely do?
  7. When you're talking to him, where does he look?
  8. How often do you talk to him each day? (physically seeing him, not texting etc)
  9. Do you text/call/im, etc?
  10. When you do talk, how are you conversations?
  11. Do you make it obvious that you like him?
  12. Do you have similar interests?
  13. Does he laugh at your jokes?
  14. Have you ever had any really deep conversations? Like seriously, where you feel kind of vulnerable when you realize how much you've opened up...
  15. FINAL QUESTION: do you like tacos?

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