How well do you know Twilight? (you WILL fail!!)

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They say they are Twihards, but then we prove them wrong, are you one of them?? Take this quiz and find out!!! A few simple answers, one simple result and you will find out if you are a True Twilight Fan....

Are YOU a True fan of Twilight? Twihards let's show them non Twihards how it's done, we just got to click the one correct answer and poof they're down the drain. Come on!!!

Created by: Shyann

  1. What year was 'Twilight' published, then sent to the big screen?
  2. (About) How many places was 'Twilight' filmed?
  3. How many actors were up for the role of Edward?
  4. What was the first scene that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart rehearsed together?
  5. Here's and easy one: How many Twilight Movies are there?
  6. What role was Jackson Rathbone up for originally?
  7. What place was Peter Facinelli up for playing Carlisle?
  8. Fans criticized Ashley Greene playing Alice because how tall she was.. how much taller was she than the books described Alice Cullen was?
  9. What role was Cam Gigandet(James) up for originally before he asked to become James?
  10. What Twilight character was fired and had to find a replacement?
  11. How many days was Twilight shot in?
  12. How many weeks till the script was finished?
  13. What is Kristen Stewarts natural eye color? (should be easy)
  14. How many hours did it take Nikki Reed to turn her natural brown hair blonde?
  15. What did Carlisle whisper in Edwards ear when he changed him? (They had to take more than 3 shots of that scene, what did he say the 5th time)

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Twilight? (you WILL fail!!)