How biased are you

Ever heard the phrase, "Don't knock it till you try it?" Let's see if you have listened to your mama's words. Are you biased, or open-mind? Let's find out.

In this quiz you will find out whether or not you tend to be biased. But no orthodox, lots of us are. Everyone tends to have their own opinion. If you were wondering if you were biased, take this quiz!

Created by: samanturd

  1. Answer the questions by which do you think is better/tastier/etc.
  2. Pepsi or Coke
  3. Cake or cupcake
  4. Girls: skinny jeans or nah
  5. Boys: do you watch po*rn
  6. Do you like gays
  7. Do you hate any races?
  8. Have you tried black coffee?
  9. If someone is alone do you HONESTLY invite them over
  10. Why do you "hate" your enemy
  11. Do you "hate" kids
  12. Do you think only some animals are cute, others are okay?
  13. Would you have a pet snake?
  14. Do you judge people for liking other music
  15. Do you prefer one type of food over the other?
  16. Would you try a different culture's food, such as monkey meat or frogs cooked alive?

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