Where do you fit in?

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There sure are a lot of "where do you fit in" quizzes around, but mine is different. Instead of being biased and boring, you're going to be interested and intrigued by your results!

There are almost ten different results you can get, whether you're a bookworm, social-website-monster, or someone who could really care less. Popularity is the least of your concerns, and so it fitting in, so remember that you're yourself and think things through on your own too!

Created by: Asakuun Draconis of Profile:Asakuun
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  1. All right, this begins the OFFICIAL questions. By the way, this question actually DOES have specific responses to it that affect the result.
  2. Exercise?
  3. Which is best?
  4. Sicomle El Hichukimari!
  5. Popularity?
  6. Black is the best color that there is!
  8. Which of these books would you read if you HAD to read them?
  9. Best Weapon type: long range (such as a sniper), close combat (nunchucks, knife, sword, etc), none, or natural weapon?
  10. Would you ever cosplay, RP or be in a 'cross-the-globe multiplayer online RPG?
  11. Alone or in a group?
  12. Goodbye, FINALLY

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Quiz topic: Where do I fit in?