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  • Your Result: Athletes

    You are an Athlete, it looks like. Never to fail gym class, athletes are usually strong and/or fast, playing whatever seems to be a good sport. I'd never be one of those people...at least not this year.

    The Book People
    AV (Audio Visual) Crew
    Computer Fiends
    With My Group

    im awesome at sports! basketball, hockey and volleyball ROCK!!! and i am decently popular. and sometimes i can be a loner but not all the time, so this quiz rocks!!

    and Xxlepis: sorry you're "not popular" but if the quiz says you're popular and you're not, it means at heart you're meant to be popular :D

  • HELL YEAH!!!! XD The Rockers are the best! (We're also the Rebels, usually). Three Days Grace, Skillet, Dry Cell, you name it - we've got you covered as far as any rock, metal or alternative music goes. That means there'll be a lot of LYRIC BATTLES!!

    True, but I'm mainly considered emo, or punk by my "friends". not my fault I have depression...

  • Yeah, Xxlepis, you sound cool and i'm not that popular either but i think you're meant to be! I got rockers which i don't mind with because i'm a tomboy but awesome quiz! XD

  • I actualy am not popular. I hate it when people describe me like that. I hate stereotypes,too.

  • your group

  • Scar and Xxlepis... you both sound cool.


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