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  • What is your immortal name?
    [published: Jul 12, 2010]

    If you were an immortal, any immortal, what name would you have? While mysterious and scared This…

  • What's your birth animal soul?
    [published: Jun 8, 2010]

    What is your birth animal soul? …

  • What soul do you have?
    [published: Jun 8, 2010]

    What soul do you have? Everyone has one... …

  • How would you die?
    [published: Jun 7, 2010]

    Have you ever wondered how would you die? Maybe a car accident? Maybe being murdered? Find out by taking…

  • What is your worst nightmare that might come true?
    [published: Jun 7, 2010]

    Everyone has nightmares, they're bad dreams that people have. What nightmare…

  • What immortal are you?
    [published: Jun 4, 2010]

    What immortal are you? Are you a vampire? Are you a Guardian? Are you an angel? Find out the other…

  • What's your name?
    [published: Jun 3, 2010]

    What name do you have? Have you ever wondered about your name ever? Please comment and rate, please! I hope…

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