What soul do you have?

What soul do you have? Everyone has one...

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Created by: Scar

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  1. You see three doors..the first door has a halo in front of it..the second door is black..and the the third is red. What door do you choose?
  2. Choose a photograph
  3. Choose a name
  4. Someone left you and betrayed you. You bump into the person later on what do you do?
  5. What type of wings would you have if you could?
  6. Emo?
  7. Angel?
  8. Choose another name
  9. There are three paths, which one do you take?
  10. Would you rescue the one you love that will cost your own life?
  11. Would you befriend a vampire?
  12. Ready for your path? You might never come back..
  13. Ready?

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Quiz topic: What soul do I have?