What is your soul symbol?

Have you ever wondered what your soul is? What it looks like? A soul is a colored circle with a symbol on it. This quiz should help you find out a rough idea of what that symbol is.

So. Will you be the violent X? The calm, artistic circle? The mellow square? Or the musical treble clef? Which one shows who you REALLY are? What is that symbol on your soul?

Created by: cornet crazie
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. What activity are you most likely to be participating in when given the choice?
  2. What color of these is your favorite?
  3. For dessert you are given a choice between:
  4. How are your most likely to dress?
  5. What is your ideal pattern to choose from?
  6. Choose one:
  7. How do you love?
  8. You can save one item from a fire. (not including people) You save:
  9. Who would you risk your life for?
  10. What describes your eating habits?
  11. What of these kind of 'clicks' as right in your head?
  12. What is your favored writing utensil?
  13. What movie type is your favorite?
  14. What sport is most appealing to you?
  15. What subject do you like best?
  16. The smell of:
  17. What is your ideal pet?
  18. What is your favorite type of music?

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Quiz topic: What is my soul symbol?