What Colour Is Ur Soul?

I thought of all the quizzes i've done about souls and i realised that they are all pretty much made by peppy people...so i thought it might be nice to see one made by someone with a black soul...XD

I wonder if anyone actually manages to get nice results...i doubt it...so take my quiz and see whether your soul is black, blue, green, orange or yellow...good luck and enjoy^^

Created by: MalevolentGrapes
  1. When do you feel best?
  2. If an 16 year old fell to the ground in front of you, you would?
  3. What kind of feelings do you harbour towards your parents?
  4. What are your friends generally like?
  5. If an old lady dropped a fully loaded purse you would...?
  6. What are you most likely to be?
  7. What stereotype are you put in by others?
  8. What is your impression of the world?
  9. Which phrase os most likely to come from you?
  10. Do you believe that if you try hard enough the world will become a better place?

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