What Is Your Hidden Power?

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I have to write a whole friggin' paragraph. So I'm going to do the long way of things, dion correct punctuation and using big words. Did you know that DNA means Deoxyribonucleic Acid? interesting fact. Your nose and ears never stop growing, so that's why old people look a bit distorted.

Carrots were purple in the Medieval period. If you ate over 600 bananas in one hour, you would become a bit radioactive, because of all the potassium. The universe is really the colour beige. American scientists thought it was green to strat with, but then these absolut super nerds did some tests and it turned out to be beige. The blood in your veins is blue, until it hits oxygen. Platinum is the most preciuos metal on earth. Since koala's eat so much eucalyptus, their fur smells like gum leaves. Just some interesting facts for you, there...

Created by: EmmaBear
  1. Hi!
  2. So... How are you today?
  3. Okay, Let's rock!
  4. Ok, so you're in a forest... WHAT do you do?
  5. Whatever you do, you see a magical portal to take you into a magical world. What do you do?
  6. Lol I just annoyed you a teensy bit :) and i have POWER! MUAHAHAHAHA! Na, jokes. So, you enter the portal, and find yourself with a magical unicorn rainbow pony.
  7. What do you do with the pony?
  8. Well, whatever you pick, the magical unicorn rainbow pony charges you and tries to stab you with its horn-
  9. STOP INTERRUPTING!!! Anyway, the magical unicorn rainbow pony charges you and you leap out of the way, rolling down a hill untill you reach the bottom of a valley. You see a stream. What do you do?
  10. Suddenly, a water demon rises up from the stream and shoots water at you!
  11. You kill the demon, and cross the stream. You walk forward for about 50 meters. Oh no! A Mud Man!
  12. Ok, I'll stop with the weird monsters. You kill the Mud Man, anyways. Poopy heads...
  13. A stranger appears. Do you trust her?
  14. She says that she can get you out of here.
  15. Well, he produces a portal, and you go through it. Beacuse you are stupid enough to trust a complete stranger.
  16. You don't have any choice. the portal is like a black hole, pulling you through. You find yourself at home, in your bedroom.
  17. END OF STORY THINGYMABOB. Did you enjoy it?
  18. Well, cya!
  19. Well, she produces a portal, and you go through it. Beacuse you are stupid enough to trust a complete stranger.

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Quiz topic: What Is my Hidden Power?