Which Streetfighter Are You?

This is a to find out what streetfighter you are most like. Its as accurate as I can possibly make it. Theres a lot of variables in this one so choose honestly and carefully.

Try it out. See who you live up to and go play the game afterward with that character. I bet youll find a hidden power in you that you never known existed.

Created by: Mr. Piccolo
  1. Whats your alignment>
  2. Whats your clothing style?
  3. Whats your purpose?
  4. Describe your fighting style
  5. Pick a profession
  6. Where would you strike your opponet first?
  7. whats your method of training?
  8. How often do you train?
  9. If your energy had a color or form, what would it be?
  10. Pick a word that best describes you

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Quiz topic: Which Streetfighter am I?