What wolf are you?

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This quiz is about finding out which wolf you really are. You might be the Sun, Dark, Demon, Fire, Water, Earth, Rainbow, Steel, or Mix Wolf. It's a very...interesting quiz, I have to say. But it's worthwhile. I'm looking forward to seeing all the results!

If you take this quiz, like I said before, you will find out that your a Sun, Dark, Rainbow, Earth, Water, Demon, Steel, Fire,or Mix wolf. I know you probably don't know what an Mix wolf is, but it's really cool. It's a mix of ALL THESE WOLVES! And like I said (again) I'm looking forward to all the results!!!!!!

Created by: axeliscute11

  1. If you were a wolf, what color would you be?
  2. What do you hunt?
  3. Who would be your friend?
  4. where do you sleep?
  5. What do you enjoy?
  6. Dark+Evil=?
  7. Fortune teller...
  8. The other questions will not impact your results.
  9. Of course, will you rate?
  10. And, will you comment?

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Quiz topic: What wolf am I?