You and The Wolf Riders part 4

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Yep, here it is! Part 4 of the You and The Wolf Riders series. I'm not going to give away everything...but there's stars, angels, outer space, and a disturbing lack of winged wolves in this part. ;)

This 2 paragraph thing is stupid, so I'm just gonna say random stuff. lalalala blahblahblahblahblah sheep cow monkey moo neigh crow tweet baa roar bark meow

Created by: Nakita

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  1. After thirty minutes of galloping through air on Luminita's back, leaning to the side to avoid having her gold-colored mane continually in you face, you're out of the dark cause members' range. (Yes, sniper rifles can shoot extremely far, for miles, even. I know what I'm talking about.)
  2. "Wait...where are we?" you ask. Luminita stops, standing on the air high above - not the forest - but now you're above a ginormously big city. "We must have gone in the wrong direction somewhere..." she mumbles. "Yeah, it's pretty hard to tell when you're walking 2516 feet up in the air." you say. You wish you hadn't gone and ran (er, flew) off on Luminita's back. You wish you'd just stayed with Tav, ked, and the winged wolves, and avoided being chased or lost. Luminita glares. "Well, if you don't appreciate my help, I can just turn to the side a little and you can jump right off..."
  3. You slide off slightly and scream. "Okay! I'm sorry!" you scream, and Luminita stands straight again so you can get back up on her back the right way.
  4. "Now, we aren't getting back to the forest any time soon, so we might as well..." Luminita pauses and her words trail off. Her eyes, a dark gold color, seem to have the color drained out of them for a moment. Her ears twitched, as if she was listening to somebody speak, although there was nobody around. "Luminita? Lumi! What are you doing?" you ask, but she doesn't seem to hear you. Her eyes return back to normal. "What?" she asks. "LUMINITA! What just happened??" you yell.
  5. "My lord has spoken...I must return to Esvandli, and so are the rest of Sleipnir's descendants." Luminita tells you. "What? What's Esvandli? There are other descendants of Sleipnir? Who's your lord??" you ask. "Esvandli. It's a star. You know where the big dipper is in the sky? It's three stars away from the end of the big dipper. Anyway, Esvandli is the realm of the spirit of fire, a.k.a. Kindle. Kindle is the spirit of fire, as well as the spirit of horses. I can walk on fire as well." Luminita explains.
  6. "But how am I supposed to find Ked and Tav again if you have to return to Esvandli??" you ask. Luminita thinks for a moment. "Well, I could take you to Esvandli, and then return you back to the forest..." she mumbles. "WHAT!?" you exclaim. "Hurry! Wrap a strand of my mane around your neck, or the pressure and lack of oxygen will kill you." Luminita commands, jumping upwards and continuing to speed upwards. Muttering mild curses under your breath, you wrap part of Luminita's mane around your neck.
  7. You have no idea how fast you're going, but you're pretty sure you've made it past both the speed of sound...and the speed of light. The sky becomes darker as you start getting closer to space. A minute passes, and you look down. "What the- how far have we come already??" you shout. You're obviously in space now, but for some reason you haven't passed stars or anything yet. "Okay, we have to go extra fast now, or else we won't be able to get through the celestial wall..." Luminita mumbles. Suddenly she speeds up to an incredible speed, and then a bright flash, and...
  8. "Hey! She's moving!" you hear a voice say. You groan and open your eyes. "Where am I...?" you ask weakly. Everything seems to have a whitish, silvery glow. You're laying on some sort of a bed, and there are three people standing and looking down at you: Luminita, a guy with shiny, glowy, silvery-white hair, silver eyes, and of course most of his clothes are also silvery white, gray, black, silver, or white, and some dark blue here and there. You see what looks like a pile of feathers on his back, but your vision is so blurry, you can't tell. At the end of the bed was a girl with the same silvery-white clothes and odd glow as the guy, but her hair was dark blue. "Where am I??" you groan again. "Is she okay? asks the girl. "Just a second, and the medicine we gave her should kick in..." the guy mumbles. Apparently, the medicine "kicks in", and your vision becomes clear. You see that the pile of feathers are in fact wings...although not only one pair, but three pairs. Six wings.
  9. "Hey, you're're're one of those...those angels with six wings! Yeah. One of the highest order of angels in the celestial hierarchies, or whatever. What are they called??" you ask, mostly to yourself. "The seraphim?" the guy says, smiling.
  10. "And...what are you?" you ask the girl at the end of the bed. She glares at you. "I'm a star, duh!" she says, and looks at you like you're stupid or something.
  11. You look down at floor and see that it's glass. Then you realise something. Since earth was below the glass floor...the shiny specks in the sky WERE stars! Humans on earth were seeing the stars walking around from underneath the glass floor.
  12. "Again...where am I?" you ask. "You're in Aurora Taraunsor." the seraph guy answers. Well, that kind of made sense. According to science books you had read on earth, auroras were clusters of stars. "Wait, then...angels...they exist?" you ask. "Well yeah, but they don't have wings like most humans think. They can fly alright, but not with wings. Us seraphs have wings, and that's what confuses humans between us and angels. Oh yeah, and by the way, I'm Wesley." the seraph explains. "Then...does that mean Gabriel and Michael exist as well?" I ask. "Well of course Michael exists! He's the ARCHANGEL, for goodness' sake!" Wesley exclaims, as if surprised that you didn't already know that. "And Gabriel? Yeah, he exists...he's kinda uppity sometimes, since he was the one who brought the message to Mary about how she would be Jesus' mother and all that, but he's really not a bad guy." Wesley said with a sigh.
  13. AAAAAND that wraps up part 4. I tried to make it a bit longer, I made 15 questions instead of 12. ;) PLEASE comment and rate! (And sorry about the religous stuff if you're not a christian, but it's part of the story! xD)

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