You and the Wolf Riders Part 1

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Well, this is the first part of my series called "You and The Wolf Riders". I'm sorry if you don't get the wolf you wanted in the end, but part 2 should be out soon.

Argh this 2 paragraph thing is stupid...what the heck...grrrr...lalalalala...LAAAA...why do we have to make 2 paragraphs...waaah...blablahblahblah....

Created by: Nakita

  1. Early Saturday morning, you get into your car and start driving to the grocery store. What color is your car?
  2. You get to the grocery store. A guy with black hair and blue eyes is staring at you, but you ignore him and go inside.
  3. You've made several turns, but he's still following you! You've left your cellphone at home, so you can't call 911. You start walking faster and walk into another aisle, when suddenly something hits you on the back of the head, and you faint.
  4. You wake up in a moving car that's going really fast, with your hands tied together and a gag in your mouth. "Do you think she's awake?" says a voice, coming from the passenger seat. You quickly close your eyes again and pretend to be asleep again.
  5. The car stops, and you keep pretending to be asleep. Somebody picks you up and carries you out of the car. You open your eyes, just slightly, and look around. You see a white wolf walking towards you and the black-haired guy, who is carrying you. But...wait a second...that wolf...has...WINGS!?
  6. Another guy, who has brown hair and green eyes, gets out of the driver's seat. "Did you find her? Is she okay?" The white winged wolf asks. You give a gasp of surprise. "Hey! You ARE awake!" the black-haired guy says. You glare at him, but can't say anything because of the gag.
  7. "Don't just stand there!" says the brown-haired guy. The black-haired guy goes inside a small building, followed by the brown-haired guy and the wolf. The building is out in the middle of a forest. The black-haired guy puts you down, unties your hands, and ungags you. Then you notice that there are five other winged wolves in the room.
  8. "What's going on?? Why did you take me here? WHAT IN THE HECK ARE THESE WEIRD ANIMALS??" you scream. "Calm down! These are the winged wolves. we're not going to hurt you...but...well, we'll tell you after the wolves introduce themselves. Luna? Why don't you go ahead?" the black-haired guy suggests to the white winged wolf. "I'm Luna, as you probably already know. Nyghtstorm is my mate." Luna tells you. Then you realise why she seemed to look fatter than the others. She was pregnant with pups!
  9. A black winged wolf with many scars from past battles stood up. "I'm Nyghtstorm, and as you already know, I'm Luna's mate." he said before nodding and a dusty brown winged wolf. The brown wolf stood up and sighed. "I'm Ryuu." He said simply, before laying down again. A she-wolf with bright, aquamarine colored fur jumped up. Her wings were rainbow-colored, and so were her eyes. "I'm Prisma! And I'm really nice, and sometimes I'm hyper-and-and-" an icy light-gray wolf with dark blue wings stood up, interupting Prisma. "I'm Void. This she-wolf next to me is Firebyrd, my twin sister. We're not identical twins, because I'm immune to extreme cold, and she's immune to fire and other extreme heat." Void said. The fiery orangey-gold colored wolf with reddish-orange wings sat up. Her fur shone and glittered in the sun when she moved. "I'm Firebyrd. You already know my twin brother, Void, and my powers." Firebyrd sighed and laid down again.
  10. The guy with black hair and bright blue eyes stands up. "I'm Kedhrix. Sorry about the gag...and that stuff...but you would've thought I was insane if you hadn't seen the winged wolves first." he tells you. The guy with brown hair and green eyes mumbles something. "Dude! Stop mumbling! he can't hear you!" Kedhrix scolds him. The brown-haired guy rolls his eyes and stands up. "I'm Tavorian." he says. You have a weird look on your face. "Yeah, I know. Weird names. Just call me Tav, and call Kedhrix Ked." Tavorian tells you. You nod and start petting one of the winged wolves. Which one are you petting?
  11. "Wait, why did you take me in the first place?" you ask. Ked and Tav glance at eachother. "Well...we're not the only wolf riders in the world. There are about three hundred others. In fact, there are 379, to be exact. You make 380." Ked tells you. "Woah...wait, I'm not a wolf rider!" you exclaim. "Oh, yes you are. You see that bracelet on your arm?" Tav asked. I looked down. It was just a rusty, silver chain on my arm with a place on it that looked like a gem had fallen out. Nothing special. "There used to be some kind of gem on it, didn't there?" Tav asks. "" you say. "Every wolf rider has a gem that connects them to their wolf. It is either passed down to them from older generations, or it just seems to appear in their hand when they're born." ked explained. "Okay, don't think that old, stupid gem that fell off my bracelet when I was, like, three years old is a wolf rider's gem?" you ask. Tav opens his mouth to answer, but suddenly one of the windows busts open and glass flies everywhere. "THEY'VE FOUND US!" Ryuu screams.
  12. Please comment and rate this quiz, and I should have part 2 done soon! :D

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