WoS Fangs: Part 2 "Embers of Destiny"

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Here is Part 2 of my series! I hope you enjoyed. Sorry... there aren't any Sun Rays in this chapter but I will include them in the next one the best I can.

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Created by: Angel Fox
  1. PREVIOUSLY ON WoS Fangs: "You are causing me to stray from my work!" Kadeua spat. "It is my duty! I MUST not upset my pack... I must not upset you." ... "WE ARE UNDER ATTACK!! BY THE ULTRA VIOLETS!! Umm... so prepare for battle! NOW!" ... "Why must we go through with this? It is highly irregular for a good pack to attack another. I feel... as if WE are turning evil by making this decision!" "Impossible!!" Seaelda growled, slightly scraping Endra's cheek. "I know something fishy has been going on with the Nega Moons, and I am tempted to do anything to find out what is going on." ... Kadeua soon appeared into the opening to fish. But when he and Endra's eyes met, their hearts just... stopped.
  2. Endra stiffened, hypnotized by Kadeua's clover green eyes and wondering face, but Kadeua was feeling the same about the gallant she-wolf's pure gold-and-purple eyes. They both stared at each other for moments; the vigorous beating of their hearts drowned out the noise of the raging battle.
  3. "Who... who are you??" Kadeua wondered aloud finally. Endra was so afraid to reply, worried that this stranger would attack her. But honestly, the he-wolf was just as nervous. What should I do? thought Endra. If he lunges at me, I will have no escape and be killed. Then she realized that she could have a secret identity. Even though she was a lowly omega, wolves from other packs had probably heard of her peace-making skills. "I am Minx!" Endra blurted. "Kadeua," the anxious wolf replied in a jittery tone but rather friendly-like. Then he frowned at the berry juice over the she-wolf's eye. "Oh no," he gasped. "Are you okay??"
  4. Kadeua was about to tell "Minx" he would take her to the nearby Cleanser for healing, when his brain snapped. "Wait just a howling minute!!" he cried angrily at Endra. "You don't belong here!!" He pounced on her and sank his teeth into her neck. "But... but am also a... Nega... Moon... I am..." choked Endra, gasping for air. She managed to struggle away from this cruel attacker, but not after more gags and coughs. Kadeua then saw weak Endra stagger off to the side. Her neck was bleeding badly and, he thought, she alREADY had a bloody face. "I am so sorry. I believe you," he apologized, hanging his head. "This is just the way my parents taught me to live. But where have you been? How long have you been away??"
  5. "Well," Endra began, "it started a long time ago. As a Nymphpup I was captured by the... Ultra Violets..." (she mentioned the Ultra Violets just in case someone were to see her REAL pack mark) "They... they tried to train me to become like them and destroy YOU guys, but... I refused. I am still loyal to THIS pack and this pack only." Kadeua smiled. "Wow! Interesting... so, are you SURE that if my parents let you stay (I'm the son of our leaders, you know), you paw-promise you WILL NOT gather battle plans from us and share them with the other packs??" Let me stay?? Here?? thought Endra with worry. But refusing would arouse suspicion, so she quickly nodded. "Yes... I promise. I HATE the other packs. And with that, they shook on it-- in pack regulations, this means shaking their whole coat at each other. :) "Here," said Kadeua, extending his tongue so he could lick the blood off of Endra's face. But she pushed him away gently so he wouldn't taste any berry juice. "Huh?" he wondered, confused. The she-wolf sighed. "Umm... I believe that... blood is a sign of true bravery and dignity. So please... let it be. It will dry on its own." And Kadeua understood. He smiled. "Cool. Hey, let me show you to my parents."
  6. Endra felt so nervous and scared as Kadeua led her up Skull Hill to reach his parents' cave. He explained to his new friend how all of those skulls belonged to faithful, loyal wolves with determination who had lost their lives in battle. "I want MY skull on this hill someday," sighed Kadeua dreamily. Soon, they reached the cave, and Kadeua led Endra inside. Zarra and Zanthar were napping, but awoke when their son entered. "Who is this?" Zanthar glared icicles at the newcomer. "Mum, Father," the he-wolf explained, "This is Minx. She was captured as a Nymphpup from our territory, by the Ultra Violets, and..." he continued to tell them all about her.
  7. But Zarra and Zanthar cut him off before he could finish. "Good toad!" cried Zanthar sternly. "Cannot you see? The war has ended and lives were lost. That rotten Seaelda murdered Tweg and almost your mother." Kadeua finally saw how hurt his mother was. Patches of fur had been torn from her pelt. Her neck, muzzle, and two legs were bleeding uncontrollably. One eyelid remained closed, for her left eye had been scratched out. Tears began to roll from Kadeua's eyes. His poor mother was barely breathing. "Where have you been this whole time," his father whispered in disappointment. Kadeua hung his head. Zanthar turned to Endra. "So... Minx? You may stay with us. If you take the pledge." Endra agreed nervously and repeated it after him. So now she was one of them. Not an Ultra Violet, but... one of them.
  8. That night, "Minx" slept with everyone in the Main cave. They snored loud and obnoxiously, preventing her from sleep. Not only that, but also home-sickness. She missed Seaelda. She missed her family. But most of all, she missed being an Omega. This place was probably too dangerous for her. But, to save her own skin, it was her duty to play along. Then she noticed Kadeua wasn't in the cave, but out catching up on foraging. Endra wished he were with her; for she was the only one he could trust now.
  9. MEANWHILE IN ULTRA VIOLET TERRITORY: Seaelda returned home from her search. She sighed and lay down to rest, but suddenly the pack messenger, Surlil, appeared at the mouth of the cave. "Seaelda," he cried. "I think Endra has been captured by the Nega Moons!"
  11. Okay... so I lied about the Sun Rays being a big part of this chapter.
  12. But I WILL have them in the next one! Promise!

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