The Forest Packs: Part One

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You will be role-playing as a white female wolf with blue eyes named Bright Beam. You are in the Amber Flight Pack, which is one of the Forest Packs. The other packs are River Tide Pack, Mountain Top Pack, and Forest Shade Pack.

Map: Mountain Top Pack is in mountainous regions, and a large water flows into River Tide territory. River Tide's territory is near a big lake with a river running out of it. This river becomes another waterfall in Amber Flight territory, which is in a peaceful forest. Nearby is Forest Shade pack, which is in a denser forest with many cave systems. Hope you enjoy :3

Created by: SprinkledSpice
  1. You wake up to a gentle nudge on your side. You glance up to see a black wolf staring down at you. "Sun Ray told me that you, me and Thunder Strike are going on a hunt together."
  2. You're going on a hunt with Night Hunt (the black wolf) and Thunder Strike. Who do you talk to?
  3. (If you chose Thunder Strike) You decide to talk to Thunder Strike, taking note that Night Hunt is resentfully watching him. "Hey, Bright Beam!" he says cheerfully, brushing against you briefly. "How are you?"
  4. (If you chose Night Hunt) You greet him warmly and he jumps, surprised. Then his eyes focus on you and he cheerfully chats with you. You have the burning feeling that he's hiding something.
  5. (If you chose Night Hunt) Night Hunt stares at you, shocked. Then he looks down. "Um, nothing. Let's just keep on hunting."
  6. When you return, Star Dust has been waiting for you and has a rabbit for each of you.
  7. Suddenly you feel a bump from behind you and look around to see Quick Leaf. He has a rabbit in his jaws and he's grinning. Behind him are Night Hunt and Thunder Strike. "Mind if we join?" he says.
  8. Quick Leaf is teasing Thunder Strike, Night Hunt is silent and solemn, Thunder Strike is making up witty comebacks, and Star Dust is barely containing her laughter. You can't stop looking at...
  9. Later, when you're walking around, you find yourself face to face with Sun Ray! He leads you to a dark place and locks eyes with you. "There's something important I need to tell you."
  10. "You have a sister, Bright Beam," he says. "Her name is Moon Light and she's in River Tide. This isn't that important, I just thought that you might want to know." His eyes linger on yours for a moment longer before turning away.
  11. You decide to keep quiet, at least for now. You go to lay down, you're tired after your long day. Who do you sleep next to?
  12. I hope you enjoyed this! This is the end of the quiz

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