The Magical Forest: pt 2

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okay this story quiz is about this girl named Helen Miller who ends up in a magical forest and has to deal with all her dreams coming true, is that a good thing, or a bad thing !

now . i warn youu that you will be clueless reading part two if you dont read part one . so if youu have not yet, go read " The Magical Forest: Pt 1 "

Created by: D3signnFreAkk
  1. It was only months after the day i arrived at the magical forest . I always pretended that i was'nt scared, or that i missed home . I had to face the fact that that was my home now . I have made plenty of friends since my arrival and i'm sticking with them . So here is what happend on May 26, 1942 (exactly 68 days after my arrival .) Jack comes running to me yelling for help, he explained what had happend and we ran to the scene . There i stood , with my best friend in my arms, face to face, i stared at her wide-open eyes, wishing i was there to save her . What happend ? You might ask . She was merdered, she took a stab in each of her eyes with a one-foot long knife . Who could have done this ? I kept thinking to myself . And out of the blues i suspect someone evil and crazy-minded . The queen of the magical forest . The queen hated the fact that Martha always had defended for me and never let me fight for myself . I stood there, crying, wishing this had never happened . And if it did, it should have happened to me . First of all, this place saved me from a crude murder . I deserve it . I tried to kill myself, but it was impossible . Every stab i made, healed instantly as if i never pushed those knives into my arms and legs .
  2. I cried everyday and so did Jack . We wished that we always watched over Martha and never let her wander through the woods alone, fore we are older then her . Jack reminded me that things happen in life and one day we have to get over it, and he said it as if it was nothing . Like her death never happened . I felt shocked we he tried to convince me to forget about it, but he was probably just being strong and fighting his tears that he was afraid to show . Days after the queen came knocking at my door, yelling for that she needed me . " You'll be punished for killing Martha Wilson . " she told me as her gaurds grabbed my arms and carried me to her dungeon . I tried to explain everything, but nobody would understand . They locked me up and said i was to stay there forever and ever, fore i will never die anyways . Jack came in to the castle a few days after and told a lie that he was one to kill Martha . He got locked up to . A few WEEKS pasted by and the queen said that me and Jack were to fight in a duel for our lives . This time, we really can die . She took our abilities away and we were to fight by hands . I refused, i did want to die and in any case, i did not want Jack to die either .
  3. June 18, 1942: There i stood at the south of the feild while Jack stood at the north side . We were dressed in blueish-purplish, tight, outfits for the battle . I was not sure if i was ready, but i went with it anyways . " The battle for freedom will began now . " the queen shouted . We starting running after eachother, punching, slapping and kicking . I pushed him to the ground and there he layed with a sharp rock going through his back and you could she it sticking out of the front . I began to cry . I was furious . I challenged the queen to one of those fights and if i won Jack will come back and if she wins, i die . That battle of ours consisted on June 25, 1942 . Guess who won ? Surprisingly, I won . My Jack was back . The only thing missing was Martha . Our hearts we crushed for her death, but we soon got over it .
  4. Loading: â– â– â– â– â– â– â– â– â– â– ... 100% Complete . July 4, 1942 . We ( Jack and I ) went to a huge party for the fourth of July . We sat outside in the grass to watch the fireworks explode i the sky . I remembered those three beautiful words that he whispered to me, " I Love You . " He asked me out later that night, I said yes . We kissed only about every minute ! I loved Jack with all of my heart, and sadly, I loved his more then Brad .
  5. Sorry that this one was shorter, I tried my best . I was too eager and I wanted everyone to see Part 2 !
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  8. Thanks For All Of Your Guys Support . I Can't Wait To Have Part 3 Ready For You Guys To Read . Comment Some Ideas, Anyonee ? Byee !
  9. Sorry, I forgot to say something . Part 3 should come out around next month , after i get everyones ideas :)
  10. Byeee :)

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