Warriors: The Love Story Part 1

Hi there! First of all, thank you for clicking this link! I am a true Warriors fan, and decided to create my own Warriors story in the form of a fun quiz! Put yourself into your dream warrior she-cats shoes-whoops! I mean paws!-and find the tom that's perfect for you! Dangers, perils, touching moments, shockers, I'm trying to put it all in this quiz series!

You are a beautiful she-cat from LightningClan, the forest clan. Your parents are Brackenstar and Frostrose. You had two sisters, Nightpaw and Flowerpaw, but they were killed in a battle with StrikeClan, who live in the pine forest. Now, get going! Hope you enjoy!

Created by: Peoria
  1. First of all, she-cats only!
  2. "___! ___!" You puff out your chest as your Clanmates yowl out your name to the dusky evening skies.Finally, you're a warrior!
  3. Your parents, Brackenstar and Frostrose, pad up to you. "We're so proud of you, my dear." your father rumbles, his amber eyes gleaming. Your mother just purrs, lapping your ears like you're a kit. You close your eyes and breath in her warm scent, remembering smelling it when you were a kit, suckling at her belly, nestled next to your sisters Nightpaw and Flowerpaw, who died in the battle with StrikeClan a few moons ago.
  4. Your parents leave you, and you sit through the warm newleaf night, staring at the stars overhead. When the first ray of dawn touches the sky above the treetops, your father pads out of his den with your mother. "Congratulations, warrior!" he purrs. "Your vigil is over. Now, go get some sleep in the warriors' den." "Ok," You stand up and stretch your sore muscles, then stumble sleepily towards your new den and slip inside.
  5. It is warm and dark inside the warriors' den, and the soft snores of sleeping cats fills the air. You spot a mossy nest at the back, and softly tiptoe toward it. "Oops!" your paw lands heavily on an outstretched tail next to the empty nest as you stumble. "Yowch! Watch it!" a sharp hiss cracks through the air. Bright green eyes snap open, and a slim black tom raises his head, his head, his eyes colliding with yours. You feel a shiver go up your spine as the hottest tom in all four Clans stares at you coldly. "Well?" he growls. "S-sorry, Flashleap," you stammer. He snorts and stares atyou for a heartbeat more before curling up again. You step into your nest and curl up, staring through half-closed eyes at his slumbering form.
  6. "_____!_____, wake up! You're on sunhigh patrol!" A sweet scent wreathes around you, and warm breath billows on your muzzle as you blink open your eyes. A dark ginger tabby with mournful green eyes is practically touching your muzzle. You yelp and leap back, fur bristling. "Gosh, Russetfoot! Give her some space!" Your bff, Rosebriar, meows, grooming her fur. "Sorry," he mutters, hanging his head. "Come on, ___! Every cat's waiting!" He wriggles through the den entrance. "I wish I had toms chasing after me," Rosebriar remarks. "I-I don't know what you're talking about!" you stammer, bursting out the warriors' den.
  7. "Huh! Looks like /some/ cat got their beauty sleep," Flashleap snorted. He flicks his tail contemptuously and trots toward the camp entrance. Russetfoot falls into step beside you. "Just ignore that annoying furball," he meows. He leans closer, and his warm flank brushes yours for just a heartbeat, then he pulls away and bounds forward.
  8. The three of you climb the ravine in silence. As soon as you leap to the top, a pale brown blur streaks out of the trees and skids to a halt at your paws. "Aaaaaaaaaaagh!" you shriek. You are muzzle to muzzle with a large, muscular, handsome pale brown tom. "Gotcha that time!" he purrs, amber eyes sparkling. He nudges you playfully. You jerk back, shocked by his boldness. Flashleap snorts, for a change, and pushes between you two. Though you are irritated, you feel that familiar shiver up your spine as his sleek, crow-black fur brushes yours. "Go ahead and romp like kits if you want to. /I/ intend to finish this patrol." "Come on," Cougarflash meows. You follow the toms into the forest.
  9. "So, why don't we split into pairs?" Russetfoot ventures. "___ and I will patrol the BreezeClan-" "Whoa, whoa- who's the leader of this patrol?" Cougarflash snarls. "/I/ will take ___ and you two-" "You know what? Why don't we let ___ decide?" Russetfoot meows. Cougarflash rolls his eyes. "Fine. Well?" "I don't really know.." you falter. "Just come on, I know you'll choose me," Cougarflash mews. "Hey, let her pick!" Russetfoot protests. Both toms look like they're going to claw each others' fur off at the first meow, and sddenly you get angry. "You know what? I'm going with Flashleap, so stop fighting. Everyone looks stunned. "Me?" Flasleap splutters. You can't-" "You and I are going to patrol the StrikeClan border," you interrupt. You bound into the forest, and Flashleap follows with a snarl.
  10. You finally arrive at the small, narrow Thunderpath that seperates LightningClan's border with StrikeClan. You stare across at the dark, shadowy pines in disgust. You play the images over and over again, how Nightpaw and Flowerpaw's throats were ripped out by StrikeClan warriors, while you clawed a senior warrior in the face to stop her from killing a StrikeClan apprentice. "I thought she was being cruel," you murmur aloud. "But I chose the life of a rival Clan cat I didn't even know over my own sisters'. A small sob escapes your throat. You hear a rustling, and Flashleap bursts out of the bracken behind you.
  11. "Well? Why are you sitting there like a thrush on her eggs? Get a move on! We're supposed to patrol the border!" Flashleap snaps. Your patience snaps. "My sisters DIED here, for your information!" you yowl. "Am I allowed a moment without you digging your claws into my fur?" Flashleap stands there for a heartbeat. Then, he pads slowly toward you and pauses in front of you, staring deep into your eyes. "I'm sorry," he murmurs. "I know I've been a pain in the tail- more than that. It's just, there doesn't seem anything to live for anymore. My entire family was ambushed, and killed, by StrikeClan. I was still a kit! My mother just wanted a breath of fresh air, and she went with my father. They weren't even doing anything! But they were killed. I know everyone hated me, since I started changing when I was a kit. You were born half a moon later, I remember. I know everyone still hates me." He looks down, then pads over to sit next to you. Your flanks barely touch. "I like to come here,too, and remember," he whispers.
  12. "You stay here if you want. I'm gonna patrol the border, so those blackhearted cowards don't murder anyone else," he mutters. You nod, and a rush of cold air seeps into your fur where his flank was touching you before.
  13. Flashleap slinks out of sight, and you stand up and stretch. All of a sudden, a sharp crackling cuts the air, coming from across the Thunderpath. You spring up,unsheathing your claws, and a silky purr comes from the bushes, along with a threatening growl Three dark shapes slip out of the shrubs. "Well, well, well," one of them purrs."What have we here?"
  15. If you want me to make Part 2, please comment, rate, and post your results.

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