survivor dog love story part #1

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this is my first quiz if there are mistakes then comment and subscribe also please submit answered you are a dog named hunter you live in a pack called the Northern star pack.

you have a brother and a sister called Henry and Sweet your the alpha's son and there are three female dogs who you and your brother like. i hope you enjoy this quiz.

Created by: Lillian
  1. what dog are you
  2. you wake up in your den your mother brother and sister are still sleeping but you see your fried coming over to you 'Hay Hunter do you want to play' he askes then you say
  3. whatever you said wen you got up you had a play with your friends then your father came to take you hunting you say
  4. wile your father was showing you the hunters crouch you see a bird and try to catch it then a big dog jumpes up and caches it you say
  5. then he gives you the bird and sais 'I am Rusty heir take it its yours' sais the dog then your father comes and growls at the loner and he leaves then you and your father go back to camp. wen you get there you are tired so you
  6. in the morning you want to do something fun you
  7. whatever you chose you go and do it and after the medicen dog askes you to get some flowers to heel snake bight so you go and bring back some lavender sun-flowers and rozes then you see three dogs attacking your camp then your mother and the medical dog brings you into the den but you see one of the dogs about to jump on your friend you
  8. after the battle you see if your friends are ok then you go to your mum and dad. time skip; you are a teenager now and you have been made chief delta Because your grandfather retired you say
  9. in the morning you go on patrol and take bagger and one of the female dogs you like. wile you are walking Bella the female dog who came with you took you some were hiden and askes 'Hunter i you' you say
  10. then you bind your tails and walk home camp you tell the deltas that there was

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