What Northern Country Are You?

Northern countries - cold, but refreshing. I hope you're in for a real northern ride with me. Whether it be by husky or by boat, you will be seeing which one resonates with you the most.

Have fun while taking the quiz. This quiz isn't too serious or anything. It's just fun. Now, let's do the quiz, shall we? Here we go, people. Here we freaking go.

Created by: snowkeepsmewarm
  1. What's your personality?
  2. What's your catchphrase?
  3. Neighbors, anybody?
  4. Where do you hide out?
  5. Let's say there's no cup that is half full or empty. Let's use a more northern measurement - one that measures your warmth and coldness relative to the area you live in. What kind of person are you?
  6. What is your national animal?
  7. What are you known for?
  8. What country are you most familiar with or know most about?
  9. During WWII, who would have you been against?
  10. Which one are you, really?
  11. Was your country ever attacked during WWII?
  12. Lakes?
  13. Songs?

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Quiz topic: What Northern Country am I?