Do you rep Northern New JURZEE like no other?

There are people who rep Northern New Jersey and then there are those that don't. There are winners and then there are losers. There are those that claim they are from here but then they are truly not.

Everyone wants to rep some part of New Jersey, now see if you have what it takes accent-wise, knowledge-wise and swag=wise to rep what is known as the gangsta part of New Jersey. -- Northern New Jersey --

Created by: Sun
  1. Time to analyze your accents. First off, how do you say water?
  2. When you talk about New Jersey, do you...
  3. How do you say Jersey?
  4. Time to think back, ya'll. What channel was Nickelodeon before it changed?
  5. If you have to go to Newark at night, what do you do?
  6. Is Union a township, city, or a county?
  7. What's the best pizza place?
  8. Now, ya'll. What is Baltimore club music?
  9. What is the patty cake?
  10. Shoprite or Pathmark?
  11. What is New Jersey's Hockey team?
  12. Who is CJ?
  13. What is Jersey Gardens?
  14. Why do New Yorkers hate on residents from New Jersey so much?
  15. We know the scoop. What exactly are Jersey Gals?

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Quiz topic: Do I rep Northern New JURZEE like no other?