What Kind Of Northern Delawarean Are YOU?

This is a Quiz to separate the Wilmingtonians from the Doverites, the Newark people from the Philadelphia people, and most importantly, Northern Delawarians from the OUTSIDERS!

Just take the Quiz already. We know you are probably at Bank of America in your cubicle when you are supposed to be doing work. We know you got this in an e-mail or whatever. Just do me a favor and take the damn thing.

Created by: Joseph DeSebasco
  1. How many interstates weave through our towns and cities?
  2. What is the largest festival in Wilmington which runs for a week in June?
  3. What is that sweet, non-dairy treat made by Rita's, Yatz, and Fuscos in the warmer months?
  4. People travel to W. 4th Street in Wilmington to:
  5. You leave Iron Hill Brewery in Newark at 1 A. M. As you turn down Delaware Avenue going home, you see a big traffic jam, with cop lights at the origin. You say:
  6. Does route 2 intersect with Kirkwood Highway or Philadelphia Pike?
  7. Which shopping corridor is overpriced and full of PA license plates?
  8. You are ordering a certain hot food item. You say:
  9. You're ordering a certain cold food item. You say:
  10. Your friend says "Take me to the Airport!" You agree. Where do you take him?
  11. John says he's down the shore this weekend, and Jen said she is at the beach. Where are they?
  12. Delawareans are obsessed with their license plates. Which are the coveted license plate types?
  13. I graduated from Wilmington High last year.
  14. How many Post Houses are there?
  15. How many states are within 3 hours of driving?

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Quiz topic: What Kind Of Northern Delawarean am I?