How Northern Irish Are You?

1 country just more than a million people but for such a small country it has a lot of history most of which has been on world news just how much do you know about Northern Ireland.

How much do you know or you think you know about Northern Ireland There is much to be learnt from this quiz if your not that bright take it and boost your brain power?

Created by: drummerboy1690
  1. Who are the two biggest political parties in the country?
  2. What is the emblem on the national flag?
  3. How many counties is there?
  4. What is the capital and what county is it in?
  5. When did the troubles begin?
  6. What is the biggest republican paramilitary?
  7. What happens on the 12th of July?
  8. What is probably the most commonly played instrument in the country?
  9. In what decade did the North of Ireland become part of the United Kingdom.
  10. What is a meat wagon?

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Quiz topic: How Northern Irish am I?