An Odd Love Story.

This flirting quiz is called An odd love story because its odd and Its made by icinoddness. So yea, thats me. RATE AND COMMENT! I want to know whos your fav and why!

Yea rating and commenting isnt that hard, so just do it! I want to know what you think! And what guy you like. Yay part 2 coming soon! Hope you enjoy this quiz!!!!!

Created by: icinoddness

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  1. Ok, this is an odd love love story. The guys names are Trevor, Joshua, and Dakota. Which one will turn out to be your perfect match? Let's see!
  2. Your dad works for a big company that is moving.Your dad and your family decide to move instead of him finding another job. You just got transfered to another school, Wellington high. First day of school, you decide to pick out the cutest guy and get him. Its your first day and that will make a big impact on what people think of you. Your first period is biology. You sit next to a blonde haired, green eyed cutie. He has a nice tan and he looks really muscley. He smiles at you as he sees you checking him out.
  3. After class, he follows you to your locker and says "Hey, my name's Trevor. What's yours?" You answer Caroline, but most people call me Carrie. "Nice name, I'll definitely see you later. I'd say tonight, but coach will kill me if I'm not at practice tonight. Maybe tommorrow?" Maybe you say.
  4. Next class is chemistry, you sit by a sexy redhead with blue eyes. He's skinny and his hair is just to die for. "Hi, my name is Joshua, can I help you with something?" You've been staring for a while now, and you dont want to seem weird, so you say you were just spacing out. You try to pay attention, but this boy is just too hot. After class, he asks you if you can help him study chemistry.You say sure how about in two days?
  5. Sure he says, sounds like fun. Two cute guys already, this school rocks! After school, you walk home and think about the day. You listen to music for a while, then you hear a loud bang coming from the side of the house.
  6. Then you hear a voice outside and a knock on your door. You go see who it is. You open the door and see this cute guy standing there.He's got brown hair, hazel eyes and tons of freckles. " Hey, I was playing baseball with my little sister and I kind of hit it too hard and it landed in your yard. Can I come and get it?
  7. Yea sure, Let me show you the backyard. So, what's your little sisters name? "Madison." he says. Whats yours? you say. "Dakota." After he leaves you call your friend that you had to leeave behind after the move. Talia, you'll never guess what happened today, I met three seriously cute guys! "Three? wow on your first day too."
  8. Yea I know its insane! After a while you hang up, then you work on your chemistry homework before bed. In the morning you get dressed in a black shirt and blue skirt with some sneakers. You do your hair in a nice french braid. You think about the boys as you head out the door.
  9. On your way to school, Dakota meets up with you. " Hey, thanks for letting me get my ball yesterday." It was no prooblem, you say. " I was kinda scared that youd be an old man that was all like, get off my property or something like that." You laugh. " I'm glad it turned out to be a pretty girl though."
  10. After a couple of claases you go to lunch, where Trevor sits with you. "Hey what's up?" Nothing, just eating lunch. you say. "Still up for tonight?"he says. yea you say while smiling at him. " Well meet you at seven. You get up to domp your tray and you see this huge puddle just as you step into it and begin to fall......

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