x-men love story pt 1

k so i have seen many love story quizs, and i wanted to make one on he x-men guys so....here it is! this quiz is based on the movies and not the comics btw

the 3 guys are john/pyro, bobby/iceman, and angel/warren this is my first quiz so plase, go easy on me. hope you enjoy this quiz. and remember to look up what the actors look like :D

Created by: firegirl88
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  1. As you walk in to Xavier's school for gift youngest you can't help but feel nervous, but you are also excited.you've finally found a place where where you can be yourself. as your looking around the mansion amazed by how big it is you hear a something behind you"hi, welcome to the X-men mansion. you _______ right?" you turn around and see a tall woman with white hair smiling down at you. "um, yep that's me you reply returning her smile. "good, i'm storm, by the way. one of the teachers here, professor X is looking for you. please, fallow me." as you fallow storm you think...
  2. "So why do they call you storm?" "I can control the weather. like amke it sunny when i want it to be sunny what can you do? "I..I can control electcity." you say while snapping your fingers making a spark appear."wow, your probally a class 4. not many out there" Storm stopped outside an office door. Professor X should almost be done the lesson. Just hang tight k?" "alright"
  3. As the class ends you see three boys talking and one looks at you and winks. Strom notices and said "The boy who winked was pyro and one with the wings is angel and the other one is iceman." After that a girl comes up to you and says "Hi, i'm marry but everybody calls me rouge." you see that she is wearing gloves. "um, rouge, i don't mean to be rude but..." "what's with the gloves?" rouge finshes. 'i can drain a persons life force by touching them. i need to learn to control it."
  4. As you finish talking to rouge you hear a voice call you. "____" said storm. "professor X is ready to see you." As you walk into the office you see a bold man in a wheelchair. "Hello ____, I am Professor X i run this 'school'. I hope you are happy here" you go through some other crap and then you as your leaving you see the boy who winked at you from before leaning against the wall. "Hey, i'm john" he says. "i'm ___" you say. You notice him playing with a light. "What's up with the lighter?" "wha..? oh yeah this" he says lighting it. "i can control fire, but i can't create it." he said taking the fire making it flout in his hand.
  5. "Yo, John let's go, man!" you hear someone call. "well i gotta go. it was nice meeting you ___" "Yeah nice meeting you to." you think you saw him smile but thought you were imaging it.
  6. as you walk down the hall you see the dude with the wings. "hi I'm warren. your ___,right?" "ya" 'cool maybe one day i could show you around the mansion." "um, sure that'd be cool" "k so i guess i'll see you around" "ya i guess" "k later i gotta fly" he smiles at you and walks away.
  7. After that ANOTHER boy walks up to you and says "hi, my name is bobby but you can call me iceman" he said a created a flower shaped ice cube thing. "welcome to mutant high." he said and walked away.
  8. After all that you go to sleep. who do you dream about?
  9. k so this is my first love story quiz. what do you think. tell me hoe i can improve in the comments.
  10. k so bye

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