The kane chronicles Love story P1( Add in guys)

Ok, this is all about guys to add in for the Love story. Please vote and put your chosen guy in the comment box. I will make P2 in Jan 22 2012 or later!

so, have a nice day and enjoy my quiz/series!!!!

Created by: Yumi is cool
  1. HI! Its me again, Yumi! Hi, just wanted to see which guy I should add in for the next chapter. If you didn't take the first quiz yet, please do so now. Thx and enjoy!
  2. First, Is an Emo guy, and I am gonna name him Elijah (I just like that name). Tell me what you think!
  3. Then, is a funny guy named Jake. He also talks to much, but is friendly. What do you think about it?
  4. After, its the guy named Max. H is weird, probably because he is around you. What do you think?
  5. Finally, its a guy named Troy. He is the Magical guy that can heal anything. What do you think?
  6. Again, Which guys do you like?
  7. Thx for helping me decide!
  8. Please put your fav guy in this quiz in the comment box and I'll check again at Jan 2012 and make the next quiz; chap 2!
  9. Skip...
  10. Ok see you and please try my quizzes!!!

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