The kane chronicles Love story P1

Hi! This is my first series so it may not be the best. It is based on one of my favorite books (others are Maximum ride and The Morganville Vampires). please take my other quizzes : Which magic power suits you the best? THX!!!

Anyways, have fun taking my quiz and i hope you get what you want to get!!!

Created by: Yumi is cool
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  1. Ok, so your name is Sadie, and you don't have any; ANY brothers or sister. I know it says that in the book, but I'm just trying to make more results.
  2. So, from the start: You wake up from the sound of your alarm clock, and you groan. It is 7:00 AM. You get dressed and go downstairs, but instead of your dad, it was two OTHER person. You see your dad had a really angry and sad face, but you couldn't tell why. You go downstairs to the kitchen room( where they were talking) and see what was going on.
  3. The two strangers smiled at you. You were getting really nervous and scared. So you ask: "dad! What is going on???" Dad doesn't answer you. Instead, he look down at his feet. The two strangers, answers your question. "Your family is in danger. And that's all we are going to say." Said the first stranger. " So, your going with us," said the second stranger, reading your facial expression. "What?" You blurted. "what about my family? What about-" "They're safe, we'll protect them. Now stop talking because we have less time," growls The first stranger . You look at your dad. He doesn't look back. "I'm sorry, dear, but they're right." He said. The strangers smiles. "pack up quickly and get in the van. We don't have much time." You do as you were told and pack your things and goes in the van.
  4. You get your things and put them into your room. You later came downstairs and you see the guys sitting on the sofa. "Uh, i don't think we've introduce yet?" You stammer. The guys were looking at you. "My name is Carter," Says the first stranger. He has black hair and also brown eyes. “Yea, and my name is Walt," the second stranger said. He has brown hair and chocolate colored eyes. "mine is Sadie," you said. "We know that," the guys laugh. You blush.
  5. Another guy comes in. He seems to be floating, but it doesn't matter. He is definitely drop-dead gorgeous. He has black hair, and ears sticking out a bit(like in the book) And melted chocolate brown eyes. "Hey," he said when he saw you looking. "oh, um, hey" you said; blushing. " I'm Anubis, and your Sadie, right?" he said. "yea. nice to meet you. and um, your floating?" You ask. " yea. Sorry if that surprised you(he gets back down). I'm a god and so that's why i'm more powerful and different," he explains. "cool. I see," You said. "Anyways," I bought you guys dinner, and you guys should thank me," Said Anubis. "How much?" you ask. "One million a day," He said, smiling. You flip him off. The guys laugh, and you soon laugh as well.
  6. You finally got serious, and asks:"why am I here?" "Because of..." Walt trailed off. "What?!" You yelled. "Because of set," Said Anubis. "In fact, he's also my enemy." "Oh, I see. He's the greek god of war of something?" You said. Then you know you've got that wrong from the looks of the guys. "No, he's the EGYPTIAN god of evil!" Said Anubis in surprise. "oh." "He's trying to destroy you and your family. He's already destroyed your mom," Said Anubis, "But he's too late, You were born, and your dad did everything to save you. But set is here to kill you..." "Oh," You say. You guys eat the rest of the food in silence. Suddenly, you hear a boom on the window and exploded.
  7. Cliff hanger!!!
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  10. Lat question, Do you like this quiz? please Give me Ideas and I am gonna make a quiz that which guy(s) Will be in this quiz (new guys) So please take that one too thx

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