Are You Part Of the Kane Chronicles?

Do you think you are a magician? A god??? Maybe Blood of the Pharaohs??? Will you help Carter and Sadie? Or the House of life? Cheese will help you on this journey. Hint. It is an element!

Do you think you have what it takes??? This test will help you realize your true potential!!! No longer shall your powers be hidden in the dark! Ha-za!

Created by: Egypt Rocks! (I own nothing!)
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  1. Who do you like best from the books?
  2. Do you know Throne of Fire well? Let's see... Who created the platypus, and Sadie called spit god?
  3. How about the Red Pyramid??? What did Carter force Set into???
  4. Carter or Desjardins or Horus??? (choose wisely for this will almost decide your score!)
  5. What is Walts curse?
  6. Staff, Wand, Or Amulet??? Pick quick!!!
  7. Do you know who Rick Riordan is???
  8. Which book is your least favorite???
  9. Is the Red Pyramid REAL?
  10. The final question. Is cheese an element???
  11. Just joking!!! This is the final question!!! This will help what you want to get, just by a little!!! What do you want to get???

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Quiz topic: Am I Part Of the Kane Chronicles?