How Do You Fit Into the Kane Chronicles?

After reading the Throne of Fire, the second book of the Kane Chronicles, I got curious as to who I'd be if I was apart of that world. I'm willing to bet lots of other readers of the series have wondered about that as well. So why not find out?

Are you blood of the pharaohs, like Carter and Sadie are? A godling, like Zia was, as well as Carter and Sadie? A regular old magician? Or one of the gods themselves? With the help of my brilliant quiz, you can finally find out!

Created by: dark lily
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  1. Who is your favorite character from the Kane Chronicles?
  2. Who is your favorite god/goddess from Egyptian mythology?
  3. Which Kane Chronicle book is better?
  4. Sadie Kane has a hopeless crush on Anubis, the god of funerals and death. Which god/goddess would you have a crush on?
  5. If given a choice, which god/goddess would you willingly host?
  6. The magicians of the House of Life aren't big fans of the gods. They think they caused Egypt to fall. Do you agree?
  7. If you discovered one of your parents was a magician, what would you do?
  8. Let's test your knowledge on Egypt mythology. Who is the god of knowledge?
  9. What are hieroglyphics?
  10. Who is Babi?
  11. Who is the crocodile god?
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  13. Did you enjoy my quiz?

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Quiz topic: How do I Fit Into the Kane Chronicles?