Which character are you in the Medoran chronicles

Aren't the Medoran chronicles good!?! This Quiz is for all you Medoran chronicle fans out there who just can't get enough of this amazing series. Thanks Lynette Noni for creating the books and their amazing characters!

Jump right into this quiz to find out what Medoran character you are. Complete all the questions to get your final result!!!Make sure you answer truthfully!!!

Created by: PookyLoo

  1. What is your favourite hair colour
  2. What's your best personality trait
  3. What's your worst personality trait
  4. What would you be
  5. Are you naughty or nice
  6. Where would you like to live in the Medoran chronicles
  7. What is your favourite book
  8. Which power would you want most
  9. Whats your favourite number
  10. BONUS QUESTIONWhats your favourite food

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Quiz topic: Which character am I in the Medoran chronicles