Which Medoran Chronicles Character Are You?

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Don't hesitate to enter step in. Ever wondered who your most similar to in the Medoran chronicles? Well this quiz will reveal that question. You may not of even realised the similarities you have to a certain character.

Summary- dreading her first day at a new school, Alex is stunned when she walks through a doorway and finds herself stranded in Medora, a fantasy world full of impossibilities. Desperate to return home, she learns that only a man named Professor Marselle can help her... But he's missing.

Created by: Selena
  1. How would you treat a new student?
  2. Do you trust strangers easily?
  3. Which class appeals the most to you?
  4. Which class are you most reluctant towards?
  5. What is your family like?
  6. What is your favourite Medoran species?
  7. Favorite nation?
  8. Pick a gift?
  9. Who would you be friends with?
  10. Who would you be enemies with?
  11. Worst fear?
  12. Your friend is about to be killed, what do you do?
  13. You hear that a deadly war has begun, what do you do?

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Quiz topic: Which Medoran Chronicles Character am I?