medoran chronicles who are you?

which medoran chronicle are you and what race do you belong to. are youDarrius, Fletcher,Alex, BEAR, Jordan, D.C Kaiden, Aes Daega, the hated Aven or even tthe beloved Roka

the medoran chronicles are an amazing series by lynette noni and if you haven't i highly recomend you do. discover wich carcter you are most like, what species you are most like and where you can find other creatures like you.

Created by: millie

  1. what is the first thing you do when you see someone who looks lost
  2. what gift would you like most
  3. if you see a stranger in pain what do you do
  4. what would you do if you see a friend dying
  5. where would you rather be
  6. do you trust strangers easily
  7. do you rather
  8. favourite nation
  9. favourite spiecies
  10. would you rather

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Quiz topic: Medoran chronicles who am I?