SnowCraux Pt. 1

Welcome to part one of SnowCraux. I had some ideas so I really wanted to make a new series. It's on;y the first part so please bear with me :b ........

Also I'm still going to be working on Teenage Chronicle, but they are two completely different stories, plots, and have different characters so don't get confused!

Created by: TRB
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  1. It was all new to me. This room. This house. This city. We moved to Portland a few days ago. My dad had enough of Dakota. It was full of bad moments and terrible memories. My dad and I had moved here hoping for a new beginning. I moved leaving behind everything that I was use to. The smell of my neighbors rose petals, the neighborhood dog parking at the birds in the morning, and going to the park down the street with all of my friends. I had left my childhood behind.
  2. Portland wasn't exactly a bi city. It was a peaceful town surrounded by the forest. My dad had bought a white house bigger than necessary for two people. It had five rooms, and three bathrooms. We practically had our own floors. My dad had second, and I had the third. I didn't mind having my own space, but it got lonely sometimes with out my dad. He has to travel across the states a lot because of his job. In the days, sometimes weeks, that he was gone I would invite my friend over to hang out. But since I was new to town...I had no friends. Our house was in a nice neighborhood at the top of the town. Each house was separated from each other by a quarter of a mile and we were surrounded by the famous forest. The best part about my floor, was that I had a deck that overlooked the town. It was beautiful.
  3. I was going to start school in 2 days. I was nervous because it was the first time that I was going to be the 'new kid'. Nobody wants to be the new kid. The only thing that I was looking forward to was the after school activities. My dad told me that Lincoln High School had an archery team. I have been using crossbows and bow and arrows since I was 3. I hit my first bulls eye when I was 8 and won best in state when I was 14. Archery was just something I have been doing since I can remember. It was also something my mom use to do...before she died. 2 years ago my mom was on her way home from work and took the 35w bridge home. It ended up collapsing, injuring 42 and killing 13. My mom was one of those unlucky 13.
  4. I heard a knock on my bedroom door, "Wanna go to the grocery store?" My dad popped his head in, "our fridge is empty." He added. I studied my dad for a moment. His sandy brown hair was sticking out everywhere and his green eyes looked tired and had dark rings underneath. "I'll go pick up the food. you stay and relax." I sat on the edge of my bed. "Are you sure?" He raised his eyebrows at me. "Yes, I'm sure dad." I reassured him. He nodded and left my room. I went to one of the boxes in the corner and pulled out an outfit. I changed and grabbed my car keys from my desk. I was thankful that I had my own car. It wasn't anything fancy, but I loved my black Toyota Corolla. It was enough to get me where I wanted.
  5. I showed up at the store 15 minutes later. I would of got there sooner but I got lost. The store was pretty big and full of decent amount of people considering it was 9pm. I grabbed a cart and started walking around the store. "Oh chips," I grabbed a bag a threw it into the cart. "I think a second bag will do," I grabbed another bad and walked down the aisle. Right as I was about the turn I hit another cart. "Ow," I heard a voice. I looked up and saw a girl my age. "I'm so sorry! I didn't see you!" I rambled as I made sure she was okay. "I'm fine." She rubbed her shin, and looked up at me. She squinted her eyes. "How come I've never seen you before?" She tilted her head. "I'm new. Just moved here." I replied. She smirked, "Oh, new in town." She laughed. "Made any friends yet?" She asked. "Only if you count the squirrel terrorizing the tree in my front yard." I replied laughing. She laughed at stuck out her hand, "Elora Lightwood at your service." She smiled. "_____ Elmford." I replied and shook her hand.
  6. "First thing you need to know about this town," She gestured me to follow her. "is that the shore is where all of us teenagers hang out." She stopped and grabbed a box of mac and cheese. "The shore?" I asked. "It right on the edge of the town where the river is. We always have bonfires there." She stopped and looked at me. "You should come, we're having one tomorrow night." She smiled at me. Her light brown hair was long and her green eyes were shining as she waited for my answer. "But I don't know anyone." I replied. "You know me," She smiled showing her straight white teeth. "I'll make sure I won't leave your side, plus I can introduce you to everyone." "I don't know.." I hesitated for a minute. "You'll know more people by the time you start school." She elbowed me. "I guess I'll go." " Great! I'll pick you up tomorrow at 8." She pulling out a piece of paper. "Write down your cell number and address." She handed my the paper and a pen.
  7. I scribbled my number down and we said our goodbyes. Once I finished the food hunting, I paid and went back to the car. It was dark out and I had a hard time looking for my car. It was also cold out, I was glad I had worn my sweater. I put everything in the back seat and turned on the car. I sat there for a few minutes before leaving so the car could heat up. The radio was on and I was listening to music. "So I take this road," I was talking to myself. "and turn oh my god!" Something jumped in front of my car and I hit the brakes as hard as I could to avoid hurting it, but I had hit it.
  8. Okay so thats the beginning of my new series. I have a lot more but the other main characters are going to be introduced in the next part.
  9. Please give my feedback and comment on what you think so far! (:
  10. As I said before the two other main characters are going to be introduce in part 2, and they're boys ;3 Bye!

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