You and two best friends (Part 1)

Recently you and your Mom had to move away from your old town called Shamrock City because of the traffic happening on the streets. Tears drip upon your cheeks as you turn to say good-bye to Shamrock City and miss your old friends. Suddenly, You appear in a new town called Armsterland where you get to meet 2 best friends and go through lots of cool stuff.

Which of your two best friends are your gonna spend time with for the rest of your life? Are you going to be with them, Or just live your regular life by being your boring old self? Find out today by taking this mount of a series called, "You and two best friends!".

Created by: A Girl

  1. (Please read the paragraphs before starting the quiz. Thank you!)*Fall* Your mom starts driving you to school after you were getting dressed up. It appears that you moved to a new town called, "Armsterland" and moving to your new high school. Once you got there, You see a bunch of students drawing they're attention to you. You get out of the car and appear in the classroom, Still being stared at.
  2. You suddenly appear at your locker, which is empty except there appears to be a journal which has YOUR NAME on it. It says on the back, "You can use this journal to write your thoughts". Then you accidently drop your books and a girl with brown curly hair, blue eyes, red dress with yellow flowers on it and wearing high heels kneels down to your side and helps you with your books. "Hi, I'm _____." You explain to the girl. "Oh, hi, I'm Maggie. Welcome to Armsterland high" She introduces herself happily.
  3. Maggie then shakes your hand, And suddenly the bell rings. She decides to take you to Art class as your first session. She waves goodbye as you turn the knob gently when once again, Everybody draws they're attention to you, especially the teacher. You walk to the desk and whisper to the teacher's ear, "Hi, My name is _______ and I'm the girl from Shamrock City". "Why Welcome, _____ and my name is Mrs. Chandler. Please take a seat, we're about to study the famous european masterpieces and going to take the test about it!". You suddenly sit next to this guy with Blue eyes, brown hair, green shirt, blue pants and gym sneakers. While the teacher was talking about art culture, he whispers, "Hi, I'm Andrew. You must be ______ from Shamrock City. I live there". "Nice to meet you and your exactly correct" You reply quietly. Suddenly, the teacher hears you talking and yells, "______! Your supposed to get your book out of your desk and turn to page 156! Seems like I'm going to sit you in the corner!". Mrs. Chandler then grabs your arm and sits you in the right corner next to the door.
  4. Suddenly the bell rings and everybody, especially you, runs to band class. You get ready to run to your locker and you grab a music book and then run to band class. The teacher walks up to you and says, "Hello, you must be ______. My name is Mr. Drew. Have a seat, and here's your instrument". Mr. Drew then grabs a clarinet and you start to sit on a blank chair with holds a book full of songs. Mr. Drew commands, "Ok, class, turn to page 10 and follow the beat from the radio". You follow the instructions Mr. Drew told you and follow the beat the radio makes as Mr. Drew turns on the radio. Boom, boom, clap clap and other instruments follow the beat from the radio.
  5. The bell rings once again but this time it was lunch time. It's 12:30 PM (Not midnight, the afternoon!) and today's special with cheeseburgers with a can of soda. You decide to sit in a blank table, and while you were eating, you were thinking, "I haven't seen Andrew and Maggie. I wonder where they went...". It was a 30 minute lunch break and you hear alot of people murmuring, yelling and talking about you. you were getting annoyed by the rumors and decide to move up to the second floor. You run up and see a beautiful view of Armsterland. Skyscrapers, canals and streets filling the particular fields. You smile as you watch birds flutter across the school building and hear cars honking from a distance. You then sit down on a chair and look around the room. It was filled with shelves of plants, pots and statues. As you look at a statue, You see a carved model of Shamrock city and smile as you remember those old memories.
  6. You then hear the bell ring and you hurry down to go to third block which is math class. you run to your locker, grab a textbook and run to math class. The teacher walks up to you and says, "Hi, My name is Mrs. Jones. You must be ______ and welcome to math class." Her eyelashes flutter as you take a seat to start the lesson. "Ok, class, now turn to page 91 on your textbook and read the math lessons" Mrs. Jones speaks with a soft, sweet voice. You roll your eyes when you realize that the teacher was a young 21 year old teenager. Mrs. Jones suddenly grabs a handful of math tests and gives everybody them. You start to look at the problems in the textbook and starts to write the answers on your piece of paper.
  7. After 30 minutes of annoying quiet time on the math test, you suddenly grab the journal from your backpack that was in your locker and wrote down this on the first page: "Dear Journal, I'm having a great time at school, But theres this really weird teacher who's trying to stalk me so much. I really hate it and wish to leave this class so I can just relax at---" Mrs. Jones cuts off your writing and yells out, "We DO NOT USE THIS KIND OF BEHAVIOR IN THIS CLASS. I'M TAKING YOU TO THE PRINCIPAL'S OFFICE!". Mrs. Jones suddenly waddles up to your table, picks up the journal, grabs the paper and rips it in half. She then grabs your arm and walks you up to the principal's office, setting you down on a chair and walks back to the classroom.
  8. The principal's chair turns around and you see what she looks like: She has brown straight, long hair with a white necklace wearing a blue dress with yellow stripes on it, wearing dimmed glasses and white hoop earrings and with two of her hands folded. "My name is Mrs. Sanders" she introduces herself. She then gives you a scary look on her face, eyes wide. She then uses her palm of her hand and slaps your face. She then grabs a piece of paper writing you a note home. You then put it in your backpack, and as Mrs. Sanders walks you up the door, she pushes you to the ground and yells, "WELL, OFF WITH YOU THEN!". Your murmur, "Stupid Psycho Principal" as you walk home 12 miles away from school. You suddenly reach the house and walk up to the door twisting the door knob. You run upstairs to your room, and you close the door. You grab your backpack and you take the note while your backpack drops to the floor. You rip the note in half and throw it in the trash can. You lie down on your bed listening to your ipod. Thinking about...
  9. Suddenly, You thought about Maggie and Andrew and it turned into night time with your Mom who's still at work. You decide to walk up to the school building to look for Maggie and Andrew. You unlock the front door of the building and you walk through the hallway as your footsteps echoe from the floor. You then hear 2 people speaking in Art class. You grab a silver key, unlocking the door and twist the doorknob gently. Then, the door flips open and...
  10. Oops, A cliffhanger! Come back for part 2 for more!

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